Secrets Don't Stay Hiden

Just read it and you might like it, i mean what could you loss if you just read a few lines.


1. Disapear

“Are you sure this is the place?” Violet looks at the address on the ripped corner piece of paper in her hand and back and her best friend, Libby. Libby has always been her best friend for as long as she can remember and has always managed to stay the same; chocolate hair, large green eyes and slim.
     “It’s from your brother, who knows if it’s reliable” Libby said chewing on her nails “but I know one thing” she says looking at her friend and then back at her already chewed nails “parking in front of someone’s driveway for hours is in some sort of category of stalking” Libby stoped chewing but only to scrap off the black nail polish that she recently painted on.
      “Maybe it’s wrong” said Violet tapping her fingers on the steering wheel in frustration “the address I mean” she looks through the car window at the apartment that matches the address on the piece of paper.  “I think we should ask”
      “I think a lot of things and one of them is not the solution” Libby looks at the box stetted on the back seat. “You told me that you have to drop this off at that address” Libby says “but not what’s in the box” Libby turns to Violet and studies her for a moment and then says. “So you’re not even a tiny bit” Libby made a ‘u’ using her thumb and index finger showing the little interest her friend has for the box. “curious about what’s in it?”
      “No” but that wasn’t entirely true, she hadn’t thought about it until now. Not even when Logan gave her persifec orders not to open it and not to hand it over to anyone, but the person who lives at the address on the paper that he had given her. She, unlike Libby, always did what she was told no matter how silly it sounded. “It just cooking stuff, I think” she said not even believing it herself, her eyes slid to the cardboard box with funny looking shapes on them.
     “You think?” Libby said in disbelief “that’s the trouble with you; you always do what you’re told” Violet shoots her an angry look, but Libby just went on like she didn’t see it. “How do you know you’re not delivering a bomb or a dead cut up body?” she says only half joking.
      “My brother wouldn’t do that” she said and believing it. Thought she could only think about how different and out of character he seemed since their mum had died, but even she had changed since then; she became more stronger, more flexible.
       “Maybe but if it’s only ‘cooking stuff’ then why can’t I open it” says Libby giving the box the evil stare, like it holds many of Logan’s dirty secrets in it. “I can just visualize a boom in there; a clock ticking away stuck to the sticks of dynamite”
      “and what if simply by opening it might tiger it and blow us up?” Violet says tying to convince herself that’s impossible and that if she opened it; it would only be something they would laugh about later.
     “Well let’s open it and see” Libby says leaning over reaching for the box, and when Violet doesn’t stop her she opens it.  “BANG!” Libby yells and looks at Violet who had partly jumped out of her seat and had both of her eyes shut tight, her heart beat jumping like crazy. “It’s just clothes” she says almost disappointed.
     “Just clothes?” Violet whispered, opening her eyes and moving so she could see the box, her heart slowing down. And that’s all she could see; clothes. But that’s not what made her think cooking stuff was in there, it had been noisy when she carried it to the car. Violet had to prove to herself it was only her imagation that she had hard those noises. She reached into the box and felt the softness of her brother’s old jacket and shirts, she moved her hand under the clothing and felt nothing at first, then something sold and sharp; sharp enough to cut her- she jerked back knocking her back on the steering wheel, sending a sharp pain down her spine. Her heart beat going off again like an alarm clock. “A knife” whisper and looked back at Libby who looked shocked and confused.
     “A what?” was all Libby said before taking the box from the back and placing it on her lap. Violet just sat there too stun to move and watching as Libby took out the black and white jacket, grey shirts and gasped. Libby’s face was as pale as Violet has ever seen it. Leaning in Violet’s eyes widen as she stared down at the sharp knife, swards, bows and arrows made of gold and silver; what made it even horrifying was that there were so many of them , and all of them sharp and different sizes. Why would there be so many? And why were they hidden? Violet thought.
      “I guess you don’t know your brother after all” Libby said placing the clothes and jacket back and closing the lid with shaking hands. She looked up at Violet who had recovered first and said “What are we going to do now?”
       Violet took the box from Libby’s lap “I’m going to see if his home and give it-’
        “Are you insane?” Says Libby a bit too loudly. “He will know you looked at it, you can’t pretend you didn’t see it, your hands shaking you can’t hid that” and she was right, Violet was shaking just like Libby had been. “If I don’t give it to him then it would look like I did see it, which I wish I didn’t” Violet got out of the car holding the box like she could squish it into pieces.


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