When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


6. You deserve better

Zayns POV:
It was about 7:30 when I told the boys I was going home. Since they were playing poker and I'm not the best poker player. It was raining "Fuck." I said outloud. Now my hairs going to be a shity and knoty. I was driving down the streets when I passed the 'Famous Pizzeria' of Holmes Chapel. Well anyways I saw a girl sitting on the grass crying the poor girl had no coat shesnprovablygoing to get sick should I offer her a ride home or what? And that's when I noticed the Colorful Osiris that not only belonged to Harry's Sister Ellie. Shit I better go take her to Harry. I stopped the car and did a U-Turn and I stopped and got out of the car and said"Ellie?" "Huh?" she said and looked up as a gentleman I am I put my coat on her."Zayn... You're going to get sick." she protested."I don't give a fuck if I get sick now come on I'll take you back home.""I don't want to go back home.""Why not." "The bastard I called a boyfriend is probably going to be there and try to tell me 'She kissed me' shit. He's a douche. All my friends told me to stay away from him. But I guess I fell hard for him and now I'm completely broken.oh and knowing Harry is going to come up to me like he always does and say "I told you so." which he thinks makes it soooo much better which dosent." she told me."Ellie, Dustin is an Ass. And you'd deserve better so how about I take you to my house since you don't want to go back?""ok." she had a bag I was curious to know what was in it."What's in the bag?"I asked "Clothes, Toiletries, hair straightner and my school stuff. Why?" sue asked."ummm well most girls don't bring bags in dates unless it's there purse." "Well I figured I was probably going to crash at Dustins house.""Ohhhh.""Yeah.""Well your lucky I was there to save you other wise who knows what would have happened to you.""Thanks Zayn." she said while giving me a kiss on the cheek."your welcome."
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