When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


3. The beach

We drove to the beach to meet dustin. It was a very awkward car rode since Ellie had to sit on my lap. We got there and Ellie immediately opens the door to go jump on a guy. Who I'm guessing is Dustin. Dustin was a guy whos about 6"3', has brown hair kinda like Louis but darker and he tips of it are blue. He's really athletic I'm guessing quarterback? Football *english for soccer*, pitcher? We'll find out later. "Let's go boys" Harry groaned Ellie's Pov: I immediately ran out of my brothers Audi and ran into dustins arms and kissed him. I missed him so much he just came back from a 5 month soccer tournament his team got first. Then I heard my brothers car doors open and I stopped kissing dustin."Hi I'm Harry. Ellie Big Brother.""Dustin""Louis, Zayn,Niall,Liam his is Dustin. Dustin this is Louis,Zayn,Niall,and Liam.""Hi" they all said at the same time "Well let's go swimming" I told everyone "Ok" we all ran and took off our clothes over our bathing suits. Dustin basically tackled me to the ground. We then laughed wich led to some snogging. About 10 minuets later we got water balloons thrown at us. I screamed cuz they were freezing " Hey! No one gets Ellie wet except me!" Dustin playfully said."Come in you pussy stop snogging and gets us wet."" when did I become a female body part?" Dustin asked"Since your mum and dad had a little bit too much unprotected fun" Zayn replied back. We all laughed after that Dustin and everyone else went over to Harry and I's house for a scary movie marathon with pizza.
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