When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


8. Surprises

Zayns POV:
I woke up the next morning with someone in my arms. I don't remember going to a club..... All I see is brown curly hair...Shit. It's Harry's sister Ellie. Shit!Shit!Shit! Harry's going to kill me. Wait if she's not naked then I'll be alright. Nope. I'm fucked. Damn. Shit she's moving. I'll fake being asleep.
Ellie's Pov:
I felt the blanket move."Ughhhh" I moaned. Why do I have a such a bad headache? I don't even know... Wait never mind. i get up out if the bed and feel a breeze. I look down and I'm naked. Great. -_- Harry's going to kill me and most importantly Zayn. I picked up my clothes and took out new clothes from my bag and put the new ones on and the old ones in the bag.I went to be washroom to get dressed. I came back out. I wonder what time it is? I look at my phone it says 7:00 I have 30 minuets to get to school. I guess I wake him up. I climbed on the bed, I was basically straddling Zayn. "Zayn...Wake Up."
Zayns POV: 
I felt a body over me. Plz be dressed. Plz be dressed. Or I may not be able to hide my feelings for her. Then I hear her say "Zayn...Zayn...Wake up." I open my eyes to see a very beautiful girl in front of my eyes "Morning Gorgeous." I say who's leaning into kiss her. She leans in as well. Our lips touch and move in sync. Man She's a pro at this. I flip her over so I'm on top of her. Her hands are roaming around my hair. She starts leaning me forward so it's like we're both sitting up. She then gets in my lap, wraps her legs around and decides to add some tongue. Man was I getting turned on
Ellie's POV:
Wow was Zayn such a good kisser. As soon as I got in his lap and added some tongue I could feel him getting turned on. Our stomachs growling sorta ruined it. He broke off the kiss and said"Can you Cook?""Nope...""Are you ok with eating cereal?""What Kind?""Count Chocula." *A/N best chocolate cereal EVER!!!!*"I LOVE COUNT CHOCULA!!!""Well so do I. Hence the reason I bought it.""Pshhh I knew that" I said jokingly."Well go sit on the couch downstairs and I'll get something to wear on. K?""Ok!" I said with a kiss on his cheek 
Zayns POV: I'll just put my Calvin Clien Briefs on. Its not like anyone else is coming over. Or we're both fucked. Wait I have a guest bedroom I'll say she slept there. I got downstairs had her her cereal. We finished in 5 minuets. We were sitting on the couch when I saw her coming over into my lap. We started to snog again. We were both eventually moaning when huge front door opened and Liam said "Ellie?Zayn?!?!?" Were fucked.
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