When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


7. Sleepovers and Confessions

Ellie's POV:

After me and Zayn finished our little. Hit chat I started to fall asleep. And the next thing you know it. Someone slams on the brakes and guess whos up? I am! -_- IMMA kill Zayn when we get at his flat."Owwww" I said while rubbing my head."sorry. You should blame he guy infront of us though." Zayn said."it's ok. Are we alomost to your flat?" I asked "Yep. Just have to make a turn and were basically there." Zayn told me. He wasn't joking he was actually telling the truth. Wow finally a guy telling the truth. Zayn offered to carry me so sure why not. He took me inside "Wow...." was all I could say. I was so jealous I wanted his flat now."like it?""more like totally jealous." I told him. They earned a chuckle. "Zayn?" I asked."Hmm" he said."Got anything to drink?""like what?""Something to get my mind off of it.""Ellie I don't know if I should... Harry might kill me.""Plz!" I begged him"Fine. But it's not my fault if you get an unwanted hangover.""I'll suck it up.""ok then. You may select away the alcohol.""Tequila or Vodka? You choose.""Pure tequila and vodka?""Yep.""Vodka then." he then grabbed pint cups and filled them up. "Lets play Truth or dare."I asked before taking a sip."Ok." we went and sat on his couch."Truth or dare Zayn?" I asked."Truth.""who do you like?""M
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