When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


11. School

Ellie's POV:
He came down 10 minuets later and said "Ready?""Yeah.""The. Lets go." The car ride was full of singing and an occasional kiss or two."and here's your stop ma'am. That'll be one kiss please.""Ok." I leaned over to kiss him but he pulled it in longer which led into my guy friends pounding on the hood of the car saying"Get a room El's" I pulled away embarrassed. "That's my cue. Bye babe.""Bye" he said while I got out of the car about to beat the shot out of Tommy, Dylan, Distin and the rest of them."What happened to Matt?""You mean 'Sir Douche lord'?""What he do this time?""He was making out with Cassie.""We'll someone's ass is going together pounded during Football practice (American Football. Not English Soccer)" Jack said."Plz. Be my guest." I said as we walked into school. Then Matt appears."Hey babe.""Don't 'hey babe' me." I yelled at him. Soon everyone was staring."Why not you are my girlfriend?""Not Anymore. Since you 'Sir Douche lord' decided to go make out with Cassie. ON OUR 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!""Babe clam down." He said touching m shoulder."Don't touch her." Tommy said."You dating Saxton now?""Now I'm dating Malik now.""You mean the fag on your wall?""He's not a fag so back the fuck off.
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