When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


17. Principals office

 Great I'm fucked. "girls my office now!" Mr. E said sounding very pissed off.


So Cassie and I are sitting in the office when he burst through the door . "Eleanor Styles. Cassandra Ellington. My. Office. Now. Actually wait. Cassandra you first."
About ten minuets later mr. E calls me in. "Ellie what happened this time? I told you the last time would result a suspension.""Yeah. On how much damaged happen.""So what did happen.""She just came up to me calling me a slut and then she slapped my and threw the dessert at me. So I slapped her back and threw the spaghetti at her and I pushed her down telling her I'm not going to let her rain on my parade. Overall she deserved it.""So Cassie started it?" "Yes! I wouldn't of gotten involved if she didn't threaten me.""Well I had Cassie's mum come pick her up so can you call your mum?"" My mums not home.""What about your brother?""He's at a photo shoot with the rest of one direction. But I can probably call and he'll either come or he'll send someone else."" Ok. Will you please call him?""yeah I guess so." So I pick up the phone and dial Harry's number. After about three rings he picks up. Well at least I thought it was him." Hello?" Paul said "Hey Paul. It's Ellie do you think you could hand Harry the phone?"" Sure thing just give me a moment." I heard him scream Harry's name and Harry reply."hello?""Harry-""Ellie what do you want I'm kinda busy here.""Um so I got I. Trouble is there any way you could come pick me up?""Ellie I can't but ill see about the others.Alright?""Alright. Bye haz I luv u.""luv u too elz" after that I hung up."So? Is he coming or what?""he's sending someone. Most likely with Paul because only him Lou and Niall can drive.""ok." I leave his office and sit in the schools office waiting for my ride. About ten minuets later Harry arrives with Paul!!! (I think Cassie doesn't know about Haz and Ellie's bro-sis thingy) "OMFG YOUR YOUR HARRY STYLES!!!! EEEEP I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!" Cassie screamed. Paul then told Cassie to shut up before the whole world goes deaf. "Um alright."Harry replies. "Do you know where Ellie is?" "Why do you need her? I'm soooo much more prettier and I'm more popular!!!""I'm her brother and you wreak of slutiness" Cassie just makes the 😱 face (IDEK if you can see that...but if you can't it's basically :O ) and goes "hmmmmmph!" In that annoying as fuck voice. "I've got her Harry. Lets go." Paul says as I see Ellie hanging upside down from her. We walk back to the car and sit down. "so when were you going to tell me about you and Zayn?" 


AHHHH CLIFF HANGER!!! So SO so so fucking sorry I guess wattpad took over my life...cures the people who write good stories. Update coming sometime soon. Oh and I was wondering if any of you would like to make a trailer for this. If you do and your like the only one who does it or the best one. I could uh put you in the story. 

Ashley XXXXX

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