When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


1. My Brother an his Best mates

As many people know I'm Ellie Styles. Yes as in Harry Styles from One Direction. Harry is my big bro. At school I'm very popular not because of Harry being my brother. I've never told anyone Harry is my brother. People have asked and I tell them nope. But some people at my school like Cassie (The schools BIGGEST BITCH ever) she's always like " oh come on you've got to be lying, you've got the brown hair and green eyes and your a flirt. He's totally your brother" but I always find a way to get myself out of the situation.Tomorrow my brother and his bandmates ( whom I haven't met yet cuz Harry's a BIT overprotected. But I know all of them and have them covering my walls. Harry says its disturbing to see him and his best mates on my wall and I'll just be like fuck off. And he just be like that's not proper language for a ladie. I'd just flip him off and he'd do the same but with a smile. It's quite funny we sound like we hate eachother but were really close and love each other to death.) are coming back from their tour in the states I'm really excited! The next morning I woke up to the doorbell ringing, it was a Saturday and I'm like 'Who the fuck is that?' my mums at work so I had to get up. I go down stairs not caring I'm in my bra and a thong. To be honest I kinda forgot what I was wearing. I open it and see 4 gorgeous boys and my brother. For some reason my brothers friends are blushing and looking at me. Why are the- I then got interrupted by getting Harry's coat thrown at me "Ellie!" my brother yelled at me "what?" I asked him. Then he pointed to what i was wearing I was in my bra and undies. "At least I'm wearing something" I said as I slipped on his Jack Willis sweatshirt."Hey no using my bad habit we all know of-" I cut him off by saying" "I feel so bad for you guys having to see him walk around naked. I truly do." "Well come in. Make your self at home." I said as I turned around walking into he the house" When did you get a tattoo?" Harry asked." oh you know when .""No I don't!" "well for my 17 birthday which you MISSED mum said I could get up to four-""You've gotten four?" "yeah know will ya let me finish telling the story. We anyways i got the directioner submit in my left wrist, spongebob as you can see on my bum, a heart on my right boob, and 'Te Amo'"which means i love yo in Italian.*Authors Note- do you guys like it do far? Tell me in the comments*
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