When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


4. Movie Time

After we ate the pizza Niall said "let's watch paranormal activity!!" "Nah" everyone said."Insidious!" Dustin yelled."F 2 the U 2 the C 2 the K NO!" I told them"Aww come on Ellie it's just a movie." Zayn said."Fine. But when I'm scared in the middle of the night prepared to get jumped on Malik." I hreatened him."Isn't Dustin staying in your room with you?"Niall asked"NO!" Harry screamed"Well why not Harry don't trust the lad?" Liam asked."No. I trust him, it's just 1- their 17 2- it's a school night and 3- I don't trust Ellie. She is a Styles, we are known as Flirtatious people." Harry said. I just gave him the STFU face. "Mum lets Dustin stay in my room all the time." I told him."Really?" Harry asked. "Yes! And I'll call her just to prove your wrong." I told him. I started to ring my mum she picked up immediately"Hi mum. Yeah I'm fine. Yep. I know. Um I actually had to ask you something. Don't you let Dustin sleepover in my room all the time. Oh you do huh? Well tell Harry." I told her while handing the phone to harry."Hi mum. Yeah I'm all right. Their fine. So is it true? Ok fine. Love you mum bye." he said and pressed end on my new iPhone 5."I'm sorry for not believing you.""it's ok harreh." I told him. We then sat on the couch. Me, Dustin and Zayn were on one couch. Louis Harry Niall and Liam were on the other. It was about the middle of the movie where I jumped on top of Zayn by accident."Oops sorry Zayn." I said blushing. Luckily he couldn't see my face or I would have been fucked. When the movie finished me and Dustin went up to my room and we fell asleep.
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