When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


21. Love and Heartbreaks


Tempted for a sex scene so..haha of watch out  if your not able to Handle the fan fiction you find on tumblr don't read

 *1 week later*

Ellie's POV: 
I'm outside Zayns flat. I'm going to listen to Harry and break up with Zayn just so I don't get in even more trouble. Here we go.i knock on Zayns door. "Ellie" he says as he picks me up and spins me around I giggle. Maybe well have sex and then when he falls asleep ill write a note explaining everything."Hi zayn" I smile as I look into his eyes. "I'm glad your hear but babe why are you here?" He asks looking into my eyes "I've just missed you and your....body " I whisper seductively in his ear. ****Dont read on if you can't handle porn like shit* I hear him softly moan. Next thing I know, I'm pinned on his bed and getting marks all over. I only came in a singlet and shorts so he socially got every where. I start to moan as be finds my weak spot and squeezes my boob. Zayn takes my shirt off and leaves kisses on my belly. I giggle until he squeezes my boobs as I arch my back moaning which gave him the opportunity to unclasps my bra. He then lives kisses on them as he sucks on the right one making me moan as he switches i take off his shirt breaking contact as zayn comes up to kiss my lips and fondle my boobs. I Un button his pants pulling his boxers and pants down. I flip is over and start to tease him. (I would like to say I've never been sexually active so all I know is from movies and fan fiction xD ) I licked his tip and blew on it sending him chills as he moans. I lick it again taking it in bobbing up and down slowly as I take more and more of him and may I say he is huge. I have him all in and he must like my name because he can't seem to stop moaning it xD. I feel him twitch so I gives his balls one tight squeeze and he cums in my mouth and I swallow it all. I get up and pull my shorts and panties down laying next to him. "My turn lover boy ;)" he smiles and gets up bringing my cooch to his face. He blows only clit and I instantly moan from the contact. Zayn starts to llick my clit as he sticks a finger in my soaking pussy, I start to moan. I arch my back. He adds two more fingers i eventually cum and then he sticks his tongue in licking my walls clean as I arch my back pushing his face deeper I'm moaning his name. I cum again. Zayn then puts on a condom and slams into me. I gasp from the pain which turns into pleasure very quickly. "Oh Zaynnnnn I want you too fuck me so hard the whole neighborhood will know your name. ""Anything for you my princess" and what did i know. Zayn actually accomplished it. I've almost lost my voice. Well here it is he's passed out. I get dressed when I finish and start looking for a pen and paper Zayn wakes up "Ellie why are you leaving""Zayn I'm breaking up with you " i then walk out and drive back to my house. "happy Harry?" I ask crying.

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