When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


2. Dustin?

Zayns Pov: tattoos? Wow. She amazes me and in pretty shure in not the only one who wants to find out what those tattoos look like. My thoughts were interrupted when Ellie's phone rang."Hello?Oh he babe. Um yeah shure I'll meet you there at 12. Mmmhm. Hey Dustin.My bro just came back can he and his band mates come with us to the beach? Ok thanks. Love you too bye!" she said and then hung up.Who the hell is Dustin?!?!? My question was just asked by Niall" Not to be rude or anything but whose Dustin?" he asked."Her boyfriend." Harry groaned. Boyfriend?!?!?!? Dammit im too late. "Umm yeah. Anyways do you guys wanna go to he beach in a half hour?" she asked."Shure." we all replied. 30 minuets later we were waiting downstairs for Ellie to hurry up. You know what's funny it's not raining today. It usually is. "Ellie hurry up." Harry yelled."Coming she said. She walked down the stairs with converse, a black, lacey see through top, some pretty shot shorts but if you asked me all the boys except Harry were staring at he bathing suit. It was a dark blue. My favorite colour. Wow. Is it me or did her boobs get bigger? Waaaaaaait I can't be liking ellie she has a boyfriend I'm not gonna break them up it isnt fair to her. But did she look fitter than his morning *For those of you who don't know what fit means. Its a Brittish slang word for Sexually Atracttive*." you guys ready?" she asked"I was born ready" I said."Zayn you dont even know how to swim."Liam said. I gave him the 'Fuck off I'm trying to sound boss.' face.the. I got four new texts from the guys. Harry: Zaynie has a crush...... Back off mate she my sister and she's got a boyfriend that can probably kick your ass. Liam: I knew it you do like her! Niall: hahahhahahhahhahahhahaha she has a boyfriend and you like her hahahahhahaah.
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