When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


20. Confessions


"So when we're you going to tell me about you and Zayn?" Harry asked.

Ellie's POV: Liam told him..."How did you find out?" I ask "We'll Zayn left after you did and never came home and you were on a date. Now don't tell me your sleeping around now are you?" Harry asks. I'm disappointed  he'd think that of me "Matt cheated on me. It was raining. I was cold. Zayn was driving by offered to drive me home but I wanted to go to his because if I told you you'd go kill Matt. Zayn let me get shitfaced. We fucked. We used protection. We're dating. So there" I started crying remembering seeing Matt kiss Cassie over and over and over and ov- Ellie get a hold of yourself. Harry cuddles me. "I forbid you from seeing him " "What?! Why?!""Ellie he's older and there's not much you guys can do since your not legal and I don't approve ""YOUR THE WORST BROTHER EVER I HATE YOU""IM JUST PROTECTING YOU ELLIE.""FROM WHAT, ZAYN?""YOUR GOING TO GET HATE MORE THAN YOU GET NOW""I DONT CARE. I LOVE MY HATERS""DONT COME TO ME WHEN REALITY COMES CRASHING DOWN ON YOU" Harry screams at me when I get out and run to my room. Since he has to go back to the studio. Maybe Harry's right, I shouldn't be in any type of a relationship with Zayn. I'm not saying that because he always does things for me and shit. It's just he has so much on me, that he's never told mom. Sigh. This is hard. What do should I do?


I'm back. Going to make a schedule. I'm writing three stories at the moment and Im busy.  Since that ones short Ill be typing the next one right now.*************

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