When the Flirt is your Big Brother

Zayn Malik fanfiction read more to find out


5. Cheater!

The next morning we woke up to singing "It's time to get up in the morning. We got McDonald's and we drove 2 miles to get it. So you better....." the boys started to jump on the bed and scream "GET UP!!!!!""OK WE'RE UP YOU ASSHOLES! Happy?" I yelled at them. Dustin groaned. "Quiet down babe." Dustin told me."Yeah I guess, oh and BTW you've got uhmm...ermmm 30 minuets till school starts." Harry told me and Dustin."The fudge man?!?!?!?!? You should know it takes a girl an hour at the least to get ready." I yelled at him."Sorry...." Harry said."It's not your fault it's just you should have told me to set my alarm..... Wait... My alarm goes off every weekday no matter what..... You dicks it's Sunday." I told them while getting up."Guys it best if we run... She's the schools fastest 12th grader. She's faster than me." Liam told him." Your got that right." I said with a smirk."Oh shit RUN!!!!!!!" Niall yelled. They started to run. Harry was the slowest I tackled him and said "Don't mess with me and my sleep. Got it Styles?" I told him. He was blushing I was confused"Why are you blushing?" i asked and realised I was only in a oversized  Jack Wills sweatshirt and I was straddling over him."Sorry..." I soar while getting up off him. I eventually caught the boys and we all got ready and ate breakfast. Me and Dustin were sitting on the couch when he asked me "So babe.""Yes?""How bout you and me go out tonight?""Sure. I'd love too." I told him."ok well I have to get home and get ready for tonight. Meet you there?"Yeah!" I told him. *Time skip to 7* I was all ready for mine and Dustin's  date. My brown hair was pin straight. I did my make up ( Light). I was wearing my Purple chucks (converse) some light blue skinny jeans and a black crop top that says love. We were going for pizza and then arcade games."Bye Harry." I told him."Bye Ellie." he replied back.when I got there I saw a guy and girl kissing and then I got a closer look to see it was Mandie and Dustin. I immediately started crying. I just started to go my own way when I saw a car coming. It was him :) the guy that makes me smile. <3m
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