Moving to London

When Charis and Meleana move to London, what will happen? Hearts will be broken... people will be sad. Will Charis be able to trust ever again? Will Meleana's past jeep getting in the way of multiple things? when sue finally falls, will she be broken again? Read to find out! :DD <3


1. Today is the day!

Moving to London
Chapter 1
Today is the day! Me and my friend Charis are moving to London! It took a lot of convincing from our parents, but we did it! Long story... We just finished our last year in high school. We have been saving for this trip since the 6th grade! My name is Michelle. I have long brown curly hair. I have green eyes. I'm also short. Not like a midget though. I live with my stepdad and mom. My mom is never home because she always works. I only see her in the mornings. Which leaves me with my evil stepdad. My best friends name is Charis. She has short, like shoulder length, light brown hair. Blue eyes, and is taller then me so, she's not short. Anyways! We're moving in three days! I can't wait any longer!

Michelle's POV
*BEEP BEEP* I woke up to my alarm going off. I reach over and slap it. I look through my blurry eyes at the clock. I blink a few times to make the blurry ness go away. The clock reads 8:00 am. I woke up at this time because it takes awhile to pack. I shot out of bed and ran into the bathroom, I look in the mirror at myself. I'm a horrid mess. I brush my teeth, then hop in the shower. The warm water feels good when your tired or sad. I hurry up and finish my shower. I wrap my towel around me and go into my closet. I picked out my bright baby blue high waisted shorts, and a white ruffled tank-top. I air dried my hair so it would give it that natural curl look. Next, I walked into the bathroom and put my makeup on. I only wear eye liner, mascara, and lip gloss. I don't wear foundation well, because my skin has always been clear. No nothing. My hair was finally dried enough, so I put in a blue bow on the side. I put on my blue sandals, and walked downstairs to call Charis. I just realized this, I'm actually living out my dream.
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