Moving to London

When Charis and Meleana move to London, what will happen? Hearts will be broken... people will be sad. Will Charis be able to trust ever again? Will Meleana's past jeep getting in the way of multiple things? when sue finally falls, will she be broken again? Read to find out! :DD <3


2. The airport

Moving to London
Chapter 2
*2 days later*
Meleana's POV
I'm so excited! Me and Charis are at the airport waiting for our plane ticket to be called. Charis starts jumping up and down. I guess she is really excited! " Plane 24 is boarding now in Lane 6." we both look at each other. " YESSS!" we say in unison. I grab my luggage and head for Lane 6. As I put my luggage on the shelf thingy, I bump into someone "Oops, I'm so sorry!" I say. He has his hood up and sunglasses on."No worries love." and he then quickly walks away. Well, that was awkward. Me and Charis got into the plane. I sit down in my seat right beside Charis's. I just put in my headphones and look out the window. I slowly dozed off into a deep sleep.

Charis's POV
When we got to our seats in the plane, I sat down next to Meleana. The seat in between us was empty. Curse these stupid ticket seats. What if we got a weirdo that snores and picks his nose? This is just great. A guy walks in the plane and sits down between us. I can't really tell who he is. But he does have blond hair, and is brown underneath. I sigh and start to unravel my headphones. I  hit the power button and it shows my one direction wallpaper. I love them. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Niall. He is so god dang beautiful. The screen lights up really bright. The boy beside me got startled by this light. "You like them?" he said. "I love them to pieces." I said with a smile. "Really? Come on! There like stupid and whatnot." " Well I love them! I don't care what you think. There amazing. There personalities are the best. I wish I could meet them. One day I will. I will." I said with courage. Next thin I knew, I saw him put his hood down and take off his sunglasses. The boy has blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Wait a second... Wait. A boy with blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I look up to see Niall Horan sitting right beside me. The. Niall. Horan. 
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