Moving to London

When Charis and Meleana move to London, what will happen? Hearts will be broken... people will be sad. Will Charis be able to trust ever again? Will Meleana's past jeep getting in the way of multiple things? when sue finally falls, will she be broken again? Read to find out! :DD <3


3. Nialls POV!

"Plane going to Londen is now boarding" the lady says. We all stand up and put in our sunglasses and hoodies. "Let the vacation begin!" says Louis out loud. Me, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Paul, all grab our things and head to the plane. As we drop our stuff off at the luggage thing, Harry takes a little while to get back. "Where is that boy?" says Paul impationitly. He soon comes bacj about a minute later. "Sorry lads, i acadentaly bumped into this girl..." Harry says. Zayn smirks. "Shut it Zayn!" Harry yells at him a little to loudly. Everyone turns and looks at us. Then one girl that looked about 13 said "OH MY GOD IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" tins of girls come at us screaming and crying and holding up posters and cameras. We all look at each other and say, "RUN." we start taking of towards the plane. We finally reach the entrance and show the lady our tickets. She quickly nodded and let's us in. "Thanks" I say. As I walked into the plane, I looked for my seat number. I see Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Paul all found there seats by each other. I see an old couple, and a father and mother and a small child. Then I see two girls. They look around my age. My seat is right in the middle of them. This will be a funn ride. I go and sit down. The one on my right is sleeping and the one girl on my left is listening to music. Her screen turns on and I see us as her wallpaper. "You like them?" I said in a kinda harsh sassy tone. "I love them to pieces..." was all I really heard. I got lost in her perfect voice. "Oh..." I say. "Yep..." she says back. I needed to tell her who i was. I took of my sunglasses and put down my hood. "Your Niall Horan..." she says. "yes, I am." I could tell she was so excited on the inside. The way her eyes lite up. "Well Niall, I'm Charis..." "Nice to meet you Charis!" I say. She blushed a bit when she shook my hand. She was beautiful.
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