Moving to London

When Charis and Meleana move to London, what will happen? Hearts will be broken... people will be sad. Will Charis be able to trust ever again? Will Meleana's past jeep getting in the way of multiple things? when sue finally falls, will she be broken again? Read to find out! :DD <3


5. 5

Chapter 5
Moving to London
Meleanas POV
Well, I was sure enough surprised to be sitting by Niall Horan when I woke up. I was cut off by Charis telling me to shush. She nudged her hand to the rest of the band. I look and I see the rest of the band including Paul. "OH MY G-" i yelled but Charis told me to shush. I look back at them. Then I see a familiar pair of sunglasses and hoodie. Then I hit me. I bumped into Harry Styles in the airport. Oh my fuckin god. He pulls down his sunglasses to reveal a beautiful pair of green orbs staring back at me. He looks at me then flashes his famous smile, and a wink on his face. I blushed then turned around. He was gorgeous.

Harry's POV
I was listening to Zayn talking to Liam about hair products. Most boring conversation ever. I face forward, well because I'd rather see what's going on in front of me then listen about hair things. Poor Niall, well lucky Niall. He gets to sit by himself and he has to sit by two people he doesnt know. I'd rather be there than here listening to 'How to dry your hair right' conversations. The one girl that was sitting by Niall to his left was talking to get friend with Niall listening closely. Then she motioned her hand towards us. The girl to Nialls right looked at me then looked back at her friend. Oh no. Here comes the fangirl. "OH MY G-" her friend cut her off and told her to shush. She looks back behind her. She looks at me. Wait... I bumped into her earlier! I took off my sunglasses and smiled at her. Then I winked. I need to know her name. I know people may think I'm a player or something, but she, she was beautiful.

Charis's POV
When I told Meleana to be quite, she looked back at Harry again. He winked at her and smiled. Awe:) how cute. I hope Harry doesn't hurt her if they get together done day. That would be horrid! I couldn't let anyone hurt her like that again. That time with Bruce was terrible. I wish she would've told me things, before she did what she did. Terrible...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hey my little potatoes! This is my first others note.ets get this straight... Well, Michelle is Meleana. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm going to pass out candy to little kids soon... So I won't be updating. I have lots of homework to do to over the week. I have to do a PowerPoint and outline of every chapter. I am supper busy! Anyways... sorry the chapters are really short. For some reason, I can't write long ones :3
That's it for today!
Love you Potatoes! :D
Meleana:) <3
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