Moving to London

When Charis and Meleana move to London, what will happen? Hearts will be broken... people will be sad. Will Charis be able to trust ever again? Will Meleana's past jeep getting in the way of multiple things? when sue finally falls, will she be broken again? Read to find out! :DD <3


4. 4

Moving to London
Chapter 4
Charis's POV
It's been 2 hours. The plane is landing in 15 minutes. The whole time, me and Niall were talking. Talking about things like where I'm from, and just random things about me. He is the sweetest person I've ever met! "So, who is that?" he says as he points to My sleeping crazy best friend. "Oh! I completely forgot she was there! Her name is Meleana." I said with a little laugh. "Oh! Okay." "So what brings you to London?" he says? I came here to get away from HIM. He made my life a living hell. He cheated my heart. I hate him. I didn't want to tell Niall about it. Meleana is the only one who knows about it. And well of course my family (meaning my mom). But it would be nice to get off my chest though... I'll tell him... "Well, I came here becau-" I was cut off by the intercom. "We will be landing in 2 minutes" says the flight attendant. Thank god. Niall sighs. "What's wrong?" I ask. "I don't wanna leave..." "Why?" I asked him again... I probably sounded annoying... "Because I woul- he was cut off by the plane landing. I grabbed all my stuff and quickly woke up Meleana. "What do you want Charis?!" she said. "Were landing. " "Oh... Okay" She looked up and rubbed her eyes and stretched. Once she opened them, her eyes went wide at what she saw sitting beside her. "OMG O-" I cut her of by covering her mouth and shushing her. Niall quickly puts on his hood and sunglasses realizing that she knew who he was. I told her not to say anything and showed her where the other boys were and Paul. She nodded quickly. I bet she was star struck.
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