Baby Direction

I will forever be the girl Liam Payne knocked up. Liam Payne?!?!? As in The senso le, Smart boy se know and love thats in One direction?!?!? He would never do such a thing?!?!


5. What happened 5 months ago

Jenna's POV: "So who's baby is is it?" Liam asked. I wanted to tell him so bad that it was his but he looks so happy with Danielle. Like he did when he was with me... I remember the night he said he loved me and we had sex. *Flashback* It was July 4,2010 around 10 or a 11 @ night Liam's party just ended and I was helping him clean up. The next thing you know it I feel strong arms wrap around my body and a kiss on the next "Hey babe." he said."Hey.""Watcha doing?""Just finishing cleaning up.""How about you stop that so I can tell you something.""Ok." I said while turning around."Jenna I know we've been together for a while and I haven't said his yet but I want you to know I love you.""Awww I love you too Liam.""No J. I meant it.""You do?""Yeah. Forever and always." he said. Its funny how he broke that promise.He then missed me it was gentle at first but I knew he wanted more so I gave him what he wanted. I licked his bottom lip asking for entrance he immediately let me in. I started to move my hands in his hair while he picked me up. I lifted my legs so he didn't have to hold on. It's a good thing 1- his parents aren't home and 2- his room is on the first floor. *SEXUAL SCENE NEXT IF U CANT HANDEL IT SKIP THE REST OF THE CHAPTER********He started to head to his room not trying to break the kiss. We soon got to his room. He put on the bed. I started to unbutton his short while he tried to unconnect my bra. I started laughing because he couldn't find the thing that connects it. He broke the kiss and said "What?""It's in the front in this bra you idiot.""Ohhhhhh" he replied with a smirk. I just laughed and continued to multi task by kissing Liam and now getting his pants off. As I was about to get Liam's belt undon he finally got my bra undone. And was working on my dresses which was zipped in the front it was purple. I wore it because it's Liam's favourite colour. He got my dress done as soon as I got his pants off. We were now even. Both of us only in boxer/Thong or just plain old word UNDIES!!!!!!!! I rolled over on top of him to put my hands in his boxers to rub it up and down *This is also know as a hand job!!!!! Learned from 'Passion' and 'Untamed' which are PhenomiNiall stories* he started to moan/scream my name i finally stopped to lull his boxers down *Blow job!!!!!!! Thanks to other fan fics I've read online. And 'Untamed'* I put my mouth on the tip of his 'Miny Liam' and started to go further down as he thrusted more and more moan/screaming/swearing"Oh Jenna. Oh fuck yeah. Ohhhhhhhh."I finished as he was beginning to harden which was a sign that meant he was going to cum sometime. He then hit my undies off and stated to finger me "Ohhhhhhhh Liam" I moaned. He stopped and whith out warning he went in . The rest of the night was just full of moaning and love. About 30 minuets later we stopped be wise we were tired Liam got off the bed to throw his condom away. Idk why he didn't have a garbage can in his room. Only his bathroom which was in his room had one. He took the the comforter and I said "Hey!"playful fully "what?" he said trying to sound like he didn't know what I was talking about"You took the duvet and I'm fucking cold." I told him."I'll be back in a minuet" he told me. The next morning Liam made me breakfeast and we might of had more fun in the shower. I was drinking some Yorkshire tea on the counter when Liam came only on a towel and kissed me."I'm cold." he soar mocking what I said last night."The get some of your clothes on." I told him"But your wearing them." he wined while trying to take off his sweatshirt I stole from him. All I was wearing was his sweatshirt, my bra and undies. "No more Liam." I told him. We were watching movies all day long and the Liam said" i have my auditions for xfactor to day.""Thats great babe.""My dad thinks it's time. I've got to focus." the words I hate to hear its time and break up in the same sentence. I couldn't take it anymore i drove home on my outdeckked Camaro and Simce then I haven't seen Liam since that day.
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