Baby Direction

I will forever be the girl Liam Payne knocked up. Liam Payne?!?!? As in The senso le, Smart boy se know and love thats in One direction?!?!? He would never do such a thing?!?!


12. The Party

Jenna's POV: 
*Ding Dong* "Who is it?"I asked"Your worst Nightmare."said a boy with a very strong Irish accent."Niall you don't scare me."I said"It's not Niall." the voice said again."If it isn't Niall I guess Johna, Liam and I can eat ALL of the food.""NOOOOO!!! Ok fine you win. It's Niall and the other lads." Niall finally admired"well stop being lazy bums and come in." I told them. Then i heard the door open and Johna screams"Uncle Ni, Uncle Harreh, Uncle Lou, Auntie El, Auntie Per and....where's Auntie Dani? And whose the big scary man with Uncle Joshy and Uncle Andy?" Johna asked."That's the boys "Uncle Simon"" I said while using quotation marks on the words Uncle and Simon."What about Auntie Dani?" Johna asked in tears. Danielle was his favorite out of everyone.*A/N danielle was my favorite too. :'( R.I.P Payzer*"Uhhhhhh she couldn't make it Johna." El covered for me."ohh ok." Johna said."Well lets go eat!"Niall said trying to enlighten the mood."I think that's a great idea."I said. We gathered at he dinner table. 
Seating Arrangments:
Me:Liam and Eleanor
Liam:Me and Niall
Eleanor:Lou and Johna
Niall:Johna and Liam
Johna:Eleanor and Niall
Harry:Zayn and Simon
Zayn:Harry and Simon
Simon:Harry and Zayn
We had Chicken and mashed patatoes. The ones over 18 had wine to drink when Johna has Milk. About halfway through dinner I feel my thigh being rubbed up and down I look to see Liam's hand. I look at him and Smile. He smiles back. He then says "I like the fabric on this dress." continuing to rub the fabric up and down.then Harry speaks up"Soo Jenna how'd you lose the weight do fast?""it's been two years styles. Like im going to stay the size I was back then.""Geez I didn't mean to bring out the sass from your as-""Child in the room." I say while covering Johnas ears."like he's going to repeat what I say.""Oh he will I've said something's that shouldn't have been said." I say. Which makes everyone chuckle."Why don't we go out and hit a club tonight?" Niall asks"Did you forget I have a child Ni?""Oh we'll ... Nevermind...""It's ok I've got a photo shoot tomorrow so I can watch Jonah."El kindly offered."El-""It's fine and im pretty sure you haven't been our for a while..." el says."Fine. I'll be down in a few." I say going upstairs. I decided on picking a short black dress with Lacey sleeves and my black opened toe high heeled boots.i come down to see Harry covering Johnas eyes."Jesus! Jenna did YOU forget that you had a kid down here?" Harry asked."Nope!" I say popping the P."Well lets get going!" niall said."Bye El and Johna" everyone said in unison."Bye." they said back. We took a cab to a club called Recover it seems to be pretty loud In there. When we get in the security asks for our I.D's and we show him. When we got in there Niall,Liam,Louis and I all ran to the bar."6 shots of Pure Vodka." Niall asks for."NIALL!" I yell at him"Your Irish it one affect you as much as those two though.""Fine." we drank two shot each. I was the fastest."Um would you guys like to enter the 10 shot each contest"Sure!"Niall,Liam and I said. The bartender filled ten shot glasses for each contestant. I was down to my last shot. And I won."and the winner is Miss....Smith!" the bartender announced. "Wanna go dance?"Liam asked"Sure!"I told him. It was a slow song hands were around Liam's neck and my head was resting on his chest. While his hands were on my waist. Then Dance A$$ started playing and of course everyone was grinding. Even me and Liam."Wanna go back to my place?" Liam asked"Sure." he went to go tell Niall what we were doing when a big scary guy came up and said."How bout you dance with me like you did with that pretty boy over there?""No thanks." I turned around to go find Liam when the guy throws his drink at me."Did you just throw your bloody drink at me?" I asked "Yeah. Watcha gonna do about call pretty boy over here?"" how bout this." I said when I bitch slapped him right in the face and he fell to the ground. Liam then came up."Are you all right babe?" babe?"yeah. Let's just go." I said. He then wrapped his arm around my waist and took us to the cab. Liam gave the guy directions and we were there in a good 10 minuets. Liam got out and pulled me out and decided to carry me bridal style all the way up to his room when he layed me on the bed and started to kiss me. I kissed back but of course with tongue. In Hyde next minuet we were both naked. Im pretty sure you can guess what happened.
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