Baby Direction

I will forever be the girl Liam Payne knocked up. Liam Payne?!?!? As in The senso le, Smart boy se know and love thats in One direction?!?!? He would never do such a thing?!?!


18. The Chapter I'm Not Naming

Jenna's POV:

We turned off the water dried or hair came out and both Nicola and Ruth were on Liam and I's bed ."I KNEW IT!" They both screamed. "Spill!!!!!!"

Ah shit this is gonna be fun. Note the sarcasm. "Um so since Liam and Danielle broke up he kinda walked in on me telling Jonah that Li is his dad and he was all shocked and surprised. And at his birthday party Liam was basically being a harry-" I was then cut off by Ruth "What do you mean by being a Harry" "I mean like being all flirtatious and it just-" "I don't want to here about your sex life J." Nicola cut me off this time"Well I wasn't going that far into detail...." "So you and Li an Item again?"Ruth asked"Yeah I hope for a long time now.""You could always elope and have more babies-" I decided to interrupt Nicola"Oi! Yo said I can't talk about me sex life when your bringing up babies. Make up your mind Chica" I said "Ughhh fine lets go down are mums and dads are here!!" "Alright I wanna see Jonah anyways" *a/n I think at the birthday party El or her mum took Jonah for a few days so...lets just say it was El because I'm pretty positive it was El so imma continue.* I ran downstairs to see my two year old son who means the world to me"MUMMY" Jonah said running into my arms."Hey baby. Did yo enjoy auntie Els house?""Yes mummy her and uncle Louis let me play with lux!!!! They also bought me a new jumper!""Oh they did now?""Mhm. And uncle Louis let me-""Jonah I told you it's a secret!"Louis yelled"Teaching my boy to lie now Tommo?"Liam said in a fatherly way"Um yeah...." Louis said everyone laughed "so when did ya tell me boy about Jonah?" Asked Liam's mum Karen."The day he came back,for Jonah's birthday present."I said."Finally had the confidence eh?" Liam's dad Geoff asked"Well I actually walked in on her with the seventeen magazine that we were on and she was like and this is daddy. He's with auntie dani. Which sadly she didn't know that we broke up so yeah.... That's basically it." Liam said. "Well I think is time to meet the strangers in my house." I said which made everyone laugh.

Ah I'm writing the next chapter now!!! Anyways happy that Liamnelle Payzer is back!!! Almost for a month now!!!! And on the other side Haylors apparently over!!! Yay! Now don't start hating on me it's just that I respected their relationship until Taylor called Niall a big fat blonde pig. That bitch lucky I haven't met her yet. Or she about to get punched. And the other part to this is when Perrie was in the hospital everyone and there GFs were there everyone except Harry and Taylor were there because Taylor snatched him to go shopping. I feel like we're losing or Hazza Bear. But not for good at least. I've also been having a little writers block lately so sorry for not writing in a while. I've also been busy with homework so ill try to write as soon as I can
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