Baby Direction

I will forever be the girl Liam Payne knocked up. Liam Payne?!?!? As in The senso le, Smart boy se know and love thats in One direction?!?!? He would never do such a thing?!?!


4. The big lie

It was 8'o clock a Payne traditional dinner time. After that was desserts then presents. "Everyone come join us to eat." Geoff said. Everyone consisted of One Direction,Nicola, Ruth, Danielle,Eleanor,Perrie,Liam's mimzie*Grandma*, his grandad, his 4 cousins David, Alex, Jonah and Drake. His aunt Theresa and Uncle Tom and Andy and I along with Karen. Dinner was Turkey, chicken, jacket patatoes *Baked Pataoes,Crumpets and many more.""I think it's dessert time!" Karen said. She brought out Cheescakes, brownies, cookies, fruit cake, muffins and cupcakes."This is really good Karen thanks for Inviting me." I told her."Its our pleasure o have you here. Since everyone is done lets open presents." Geoff said. We all opened presents Liam's sister Nicola was my secret Santa. She got me tickets to Italy to see my favourite band the fray. "Oh thank you so much Nicola I couldn't be more thankful.""NP sweets." she replied. after we finished opening presents I talked to Louis girlfriend Eleanor. She's really sweet and funny. "Si who's baby is this little booger belong to?""I'm not going to lie to you like I am to the others. It's Liams." I told her"So to everyone else whos baby is it "going" to be?""Andy.""You know Liam's gonna bust his ass right?""Andy doesn't care he knows I can't tell Liam I don't wanna ruin his life..""I see where you coming from. Don't worry I won't tell him." Liam's Pov: I wanna know who the father of that baby is. She's like 5 months pregnant we had sex like 5 months ago. It was the day before I left. Oh how I don't regret that night. She couldn't have slept with anyone else. Why did Andy it tell me she was pregnant?"So J who does the baby belong to?" I asked her "Ummmm it's Andys" she said. I was drinking tea at the moment but I spit it out t say" What?!?!??!?!? What the hell man?!?!??!?" my immediate reaction was to pin him down. Why'd I do that I wasn't jealous or was I?
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