Baby Direction

I will forever be the girl Liam Payne knocked up. Liam Payne?!?!? As in The senso le, Smart boy se know and love thats in One direction?!?!? He would never do such a thing?!?!


9. Surprise

Danielle's Pov:
"It's not Andy's kid it's Liams kid." I overheard Eleanor tell Louis. I interrupted them by saying." What?!?!?!?" "Danielle! You weren't suppose to hear that" el told me."Well why not?!?!? And why didn't she tell him?""We figured you'd be upset and he reason why she didn't tell Liam is because she saw how happy he was with you and she said she didn't want to ruin it for you. She also told me she saw the way he looks at you. She said its the same way he looked into her eyes. She figured you deserved Liam More than her at the moment." Eleanor told me."Me?!?!? Does it look like I'm the one pregnant she needs him!!!" I told Eleanor and Louis. "Danielle she likes you. You should be happy. She kinda also said but told me no to tell anyone this and I mean ANYONE, by anyways she said she sorta wants to see you and Liam get married and have kids..." Eleanor told me. Boy was I gobsmacked."Ohh." was all I could say.
Jenna's POV: 
I was almost due. I've got about a week to go and then the wont let me to back to school. Until a week after the babys born. We were watching Romeo and Juilet in English class, me and Andy were in the back of the room chit chating when I felt a sharp pain in my lower area and felt like i pissed myself. I hit Andy in the arm and told him"It's time." "What?!?!?!? I thought you're do in a week?!?!?" "Well apparently this booger wants to come out faster. Now get your lazy arse up." i told him. I went up to the teacher to tell him I had to go to the hospital and he took me to the office so they can call the hospital. I texted my mum and dad and Liam's parents. I'm so glad I can finally find out what gender this baby is. I remember the baby shower a few months a go El had a "Feeling" it's going to be a boy so we made it boy theme. I tell you if his ain't no boy Elenaor is gonna get her arse kicked. "Shit!" I said little to loud ouch does this hurt. I almost forgot to text el. So i did and told her to come so she can meet her god baby. Yeah I decided to make her the baby's godparent. She texted me back asking if she could bring Danielle and Perrie. I recently met Perrie at a Little Mix concert when said offered tickets to me. It was about 10 minuets later when the paramedics came and put me on the gurny. We made it to the hospital. It was about 12:30 when El, Danielle and Perrie showed up and someone else decided they wanted to come out. "Eleanor can you get the doctor?!?!? LIKE NOW!!!" I screamed at her but didn't mean to. "Just breathe deep in and out J." Andy Said trying to calm me down. "Just squeeze my hand if it hurts.ok?""Ok."I replied back. Eleanor came back with he doctor and he said it was time to push sink took the advantage of breaking Andys hand. But it did hurt I was following his words. God giving birth hurts like hell I should have took the meds. Damn. "Ok Jenna I'm going to count down to 3 and you're going to push ok?" the doctor asked. I just nodded "ok on 1,2,3 push." I pushed the hardest I could. "Ok. Great one more time.1,2,3 push!" I pushed and the next thing I hear is a cry. Not only everyone in the rooms( including Andy.) but the baby's. Andy cut the umbilical cord. And the doctors cleaned up the baby and gave it to me."It's a boy." i whispered."What are you going to name it?"Danielle asked."Jonah Lee......" I stuttered. Should I tell her."It's ok I know. I sorta found out on accident 4 months ago.""Oh ok.Should I? Or should I give him my last name.""I personally think Payne would fit this baby's name very well. ""Then it's set. Jonah Lee Payne." I told the doctor. "ok then. Well we will be back with your paperwork." the doctor told me. "Can I take a picture of my new godson?" asked Eleanor and Perrie."Yes but I have a question for Miss.Peazer.""yes?" she asked "Would you also like to be there godmother"Yeah." she said. They all took a pic of Jonah and added captions to them.
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