Baby Direction

I will forever be the girl Liam Payne knocked up. Liam Payne?!?!? As in The senso le, Smart boy se know and love thats in One direction?!?!? He would never do such a thing?!?!


16. Ruth and Nicola

Jenna's POV:
Liam and I blushed very badly. "Harry lets just leave them alone..."Niall said"Why?" Harry asked"CUZ IM FUCKING STARVING YOU SHOWER OF -""NIALL JAMES HORAN YOU BETTER NOT SAY WHAT I HINK YIUR GOING TO" an Irish accent came from downstairs sounded feminine. "mum?" Niall asked"Yes now get your bum down and give me a Horan hug." Maura said. "Harry lets go downstairs so Liam and Jenna don't get embarrassed if any family comes up stairs.""ok" Harry said. As soon as they shut the door I immediately stole the blanket and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. I was about five minuets later when I felt arms around my waist turning me around. Liam's lucky I'm not washing hair or he'd lose his baby making parts. "Li-" of course he silenced me with a steamy passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. We stayed like that before I heard a knock on the door. "Jenna? Liam?" I heard a very familiar Wolverhampton accent that belonged to Liam's sister Nicola. Shit!"Um it's Liam." "Oh Liam do you know where Jenna is? I want to see how she looks? Since I missed each birthday party. ""Um no I don't sorry Nicola.""it's ok I'll find her sooner or Later.""Lets get out Jenna" Liam said as he heard the door shut. We turned off the water dried or hair came out and both Nicola and Ruth were on Liam and I's bed ."I KNEW IT!" They both screamed. "Spill!!!!!!"
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