Baby Direction

I will forever be the girl Liam Payne knocked up. Liam Payne?!?!? As in The senso le, Smart boy se know and love thats in One direction?!?!? He would never do such a thing?!?!


1. Introducing Jenna

Hi! I'm Jenna or as some people know the girl Liam Payne knocked up. -_- I never told Liam. I found out right after he got into x-factor if I told him he would have left. It's the winter of 2010 I'm 5 months pregnant. Your all probably wondering 5 months before December.... Well 12-5=7 which calculates to July. Yep. It was at a party. Well enough of his baby drama let me introduce myself. I'm Jenna Maria Greene. Im a natural red head, but unlike most people with red hair I tend to tan, instead of burning. I'm 5"8 (Liam's 5"10? I believe in real life) and currently thanks to this skittle booger, 160. The doctor gave me a choice of a surprise or he would tell me. I wanted a surprise do I'll have to wait about 4 more months. Liam's family does know. I'm also an A+ student with honors. It's December 24,2010 12:00 pm. Liam's parents invited my family and I to their Christmas eve party and to also celebrate the boys success. I have about 7 hours to prepare for Liam and tell him. I feel bad for not telling him though.
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