Obsession to confession

Ella was just an ordinary teenager with a teenage crush on the boy next door, but soon her crush turnt to obsession, soon the whole school knew something had to be said, but what ?



My make was up the best standard I could ever achieve , there was not one piece of haor sticking out of my tight bun at the back of my head , my outfit had not got one crease in or one any stains but most importantly , I was wearing Cher Lloyds new perfume out called swagger , so I smelt gorgeous . I was ready to go to see calvin .

He only lives next door to me amd he has known me since I was 3 , he has seen me with food all round my mouth ; naked ; stuck in a tree and all the other embarrasing moments in my life but I still try my hardest to look my best when I am going to see him , which is just about everyday. Which is just great !! I love the look of him , I love the smell of him , I love the way he makes me laugh , I laugh hearing him call my name whenever I pass his house , I love the way he embarrases me at school but no one really cares because they are just jelous that the most popular guy in school is talking about me and not them ,to be homest , I love Calvin !!


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