He's The One

18 year old Ellie is living with her bestfriend Jenna and Jenna's Bf. Ellie has one problem... Her boyfriend . He is very abusive towards Ellie. Ellie has a choice to leave him but is afraid. Jenna decides to show Ellie a close friend from her past and is known pretty much around the whole world ... Niall from the band One Direction and knows he would change her and make her fall in love with him which would make her leave her current bf. Will Ellie make the choice to leave him for Niall??


2. "Wait.... You're MY Blind Date?!"

Ellie's Pov
" El why are you getting all fancied up for whats the occasion ?" asked Jona. " Im going out " i said rudely . " Where the fuck are you going Im not fucking playing ! And You NEVER ASKED!" he said yelling . " IM GOING OUT WITH JENNA I DONT HAVE TO FUCKING ASK YOU IF I CAN GO OUT I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT TO!" i said extrmely furious . I ran out of the room and toward Jennas car furiously . I jump in the car and just break down. " Ellie , dont cry , after tonight you will get over it remember today will be one of the BEST nights for you . Jenna said. "Okay i believe you and i hope you're right ." i said We are arriving at the restaurant which is in a rich people area . "Woah this place looks expensive " i said amazed " well here you are he said he'd be here in less than five " said Jenna as my heart races . " Alright ill wait " i said " He said the table should be number 19 . " Jenna said . " okay " i get out of the car and walk inside . " may i help you miss " said the man in a tux and pulled back hair. " ermm i uhh have a date" i said pretty much shaking. " oh table 19?" he asked " uhh yes." i answered .He showed me the way and I sat down facing the opposite way of the doors. After 5 minuets of waiting i feel a slight tap on the sholder . " uhh are you Ellie ?" i hear a Strong Irish accent say. As i turn i see a Blonde haired , tall , blue eyed guy. " yeah " i said as he walked and sat down across from me . " Hello Im Niall , Niall Horan " He said " Ye..Yeah i know who you are you 're from One Direction. Oh by the way Im Ellie , Gessing. " i said pretty much tripping over my words and shocked . " Its nice to meet you " he said smiling with a big smile , and I smiled back . " so umm how do you and Jenna know each other ?" i asked . " Well we have been reall close since we where babies, our mothers where in High School together and where best friends , and Jenna and I are still very close ". He said " wow long time , I wonder why she never told me she knew you !. i said " Yeah , now tell me how you met her." " Well we met in PreSchool and became real close since then" i said . as soon as we where done a lady came " Hello my name is Sarah , May i take you're order ?" Niall gestures me to go first " uh ill take the Chicken Alfredo " " okay and for you young lad ? " she said to Niall . " Ill have the Chicken Parm" he said with his kind smile " and to drink?" she asked. " ill have a coke " " make that two please " " Alrighty " said the woman an left. " Excuse me i have to use the Little Mans room" he said , I let out A slight giggle. Woah. He is soooo cute. my jaw could have hit the ground . i decide to text Jenna and tell her that . She replys ; Haha i tolllddd uu !
Nialls pov
Wow she is GORGEOUS ! I cant belive im on a date with HER! I cant wait to get to know her. I wash my hands and dry them. I walk out and see she's waiting . " Hey , im back" i say . Our conversation lasts pretty long and we shared numbers so we can talk again . After thr food arrived .
Ellies pov
Half way threw the meal I hear a familiar voice . OH GOD ITS JONA ! Niall looks at me " whats wrong "? he asks franticly. " my boyfriend i mean EX boyfriends here , Niall- " i didnt get to finish . " WHO THE FUCK IS THIS EL ? YOURE BOYFRIEND ? " No jona hes a friend how did you find me?! " " I followed you and Jenna i though you where going with her ? " " WELL I DIDNT OKAY ?" " and you you're that pretty boy from that fagg group YOU LITTLE BITCH WHY ARE YOU HERE WITH HER HUH? " jona said right in Nialls face . Im scared of what he will do to me or even Niall . When im not thinking Jona grabs my wrist hard and drags me out of the resturant
. I gave Niall a " help me " look and he follows . We are outside at the time. " LEAVE HER ALONE" Niall yells at Jona . " THE LITTLE BITCH DECIDED TO BE A HERO HUH!! " Jona says and lets go of me but Punches Niall right in the face and knocks him out cold . I run towars Niall and confort him as i hear police sirens come . Im guessing the one of the employees called the cops. The emt guys came and put Niall on a gurney and pushed him in the ambulance as i followed . I see the police hand cuff Jona and throw him in the car. I call Jenna and tell her everything thats going on. She said she will meet me at the emergency room.
**2 hours later**
Nialls Pov
" whe- where am i?" i asked " Niall its me Ellie and Jenna you're in the hospital.." Sweet Ellie said stroking my hair , i love it when my hair gets played with and makes me feel 2 timed better . " Nurse He woke up!" i heard Jenna call . " Niall listen you didnt have to protect me like that " Ellie said in tears . " i wanted to and i had to Ellie who knows what he would have done to you and i couldnt let him." When that happened i had a rush to protect her i couldnt let it happen to her. " thanks too Niall i really appreciate it ." she planted a kiss on my cheek . I liked it . The nurse walks in and starts checking a bunch of things out . " El lets go get some tea from the cafeteria " said Jenna to Ellie. Ellie nodds and looks at me and smiles.
Ellies pov.
" you really like him don't you El" said Jenna . " yeah i felt a stright connection when he sat infront of me ." i said " I have a feeling he likes you too " Jenna said . " how would you know Jen?" i asked. " Well one by the way he looked at you when he woke i mean it was obvious and because he said he HAD to protect you i mean other guys would never do that." Jenna said . " true " i said Getting a tray to put the teas on and back to Nialls room. We arrived at his room. " Niall i thought i would bring you some tea " i said and He said " thanks i was hoping for some " smiling. " ill be back i have to use the restroom" i said walking out quickly.
Nialls pov.
" Niall i know this is off track but you like Ellie .." jenna asked " I know we just met but i actually do , shes just adorable and sweet ." " awee Niallers got a crush " Jenna said taunting me . " oh shhh" i said as Ellie walked back in .
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