He's The One

18 year old Ellie is living with her bestfriend Jenna and Jenna's Bf. Ellie has one problem... Her boyfriend . He is very abusive towards Ellie. Ellie has a choice to leave him but is afraid. Jenna decides to show Ellie a close friend from her past and is known pretty much around the whole world ... Niall from the band One Direction and knows he would change her and make her fall in love with him which would make her leave her current bf. Will Ellie make the choice to leave him for Niall??


7. Im Yours 2

I have just been travelling around to America and back . Ive missed you ! " said jason " i have too , so hows your mum ? " i asked " Ehh shes been pretty well she recently got a slight operation to he stomach but nothing big" he said . " oh " i said
Hours passed with Jason and I talking non stop we had about 3 cups of tea . After Jason left I decided to have a little chat with Nialler .
" Hey Niall can i talk with you?" i asked Knocking on his door . " yeah , come in " Niall said . I walk in and see him playing his guitar and noting the note on the paper ." When ever hes playing his guitar and jotting down notes he is either writing a happy upbeat song or a sad breakupish type of song . " What was with you earlier?" i asked sitting down next to him . " its nothing" Niall said looking down not at me. " Niall ? Please be honest with me " i asked . " well I had something in mind for you but then you had plans with that jason guy". Niall said putting his hand on my leg . " Oh Niall , you should have told me ! I would have made it a different day . " " But Love you where so happy , i didnt want to ruin your plans with him" Niall said. " I would give up any day just to spend an extra second or hour with you babe , i could care less about jason i dont even think we will ever talk again for another long years." I said reassuring him . " well im really sorry for acting that way you dont need that kind of disrespect especially from me ." Niall said . " You know what ?" i said " what ? " Niall asked " ill be right back !" i said running out of the room and got my phone . I dialled the pizza place to order pizza. As soon as i finished i ran up to Nialls room . " What was that?!" Niall asked " Oh Nothing i just ordered a little something for 2 little people in this house " i said sarcasticly . " Pizza?!" Niall said in excitement . " mhhm and it s your favourite. " " Chicago style?" asked Niall with his mouth practically drooling . " You got that right Mr Horan. " i said giggling . " your laugh is so perfect " Niall said . " No your laugh is perfect " I said . " well id like to hear your laugh more often and i mean right now !" Niall said I knew what was coming oh god no! Before i had a chance to run he grabbed me and started to tickle me , he knew that was the easiest way to make me laugh . " Niall nooo" i said laughing . " no ! unless you laugh moree!" he said laughing . I managed to get out of his tickle trap and get on top of him . " Ha whos laughing now?" i said still smiling . " you got me there babe !" he said under me . We had a moment . He stared into my eyes with his lovely blue eyes. I love his eyes. " your so beautiful " he said . " your so cheeky " i said still giggling still letting go from the tickling . He smiled and planted a nice warm kiss on my lips. Our foreheads stayed together for a bit . Then all of a sudden. the door bell rings " Damn pizza" Niall said " so that means you prefer being with me than eating pizza?!" i said excited . " Yeah pretty much Niall said ." " Im paying !" i said seeibg Niall reach out from his pocket for money. I run downstairs and open the door and I see a familiar face .... oh god no ! its Jona . " hi there el whos nice little house is this?!" he asked sarcastically . Im scared and not saying anything Niall heard him and rushed down to find him . " oh your living with this punk huh El? " " we dont want the pizza anymore thanks " Niall said looking Jona straight in the eyes . " you still have to pay for it dumbass" Jona said " just leave jona " i said cautiously trying not to get him mad or anything . Jona grabs me by the cheekbones and squishes the hard . It hurts bad . " Get your hands off of her !" Niall said punching Jona right in his face as he releases me from this hand and i fall . Jona gets up and goes and hits Niall . They are going at it non stop Im praying that the boys get he NOW ! and my wish came true . Louis and the boys rush to the fight Louis grabs Jona and puts his arms on his back and Harry and Zayn hold Niall back Liam is just telling Niall to calm down . Im panicking and crying its my fault . Nialls nose is bleeding and hes probably going to have a black eye but Jonas face is pretty worse . He has his lip busted one eye entirely swollen his nose was bleeding worse than Niall. So Niall probably was real pissed . " Now you listen here you little twat .." said Lou. " you leave here now before we all get on your puny ass or we call the cops so just LEAVE " he lets Jona go and he jumps in the car and drives off . Liam comes over to me and hugs me while the boys release Niall . " its my fault " i said crying into Liams shoulder . " shhhh now , its not your fault love you didnt know it was going to happen . " Liam said comforting me and leading me in the house . Liam sits me down and tells me " Ellie calm down its all over now theres nothing to worry about !" " Babe Im AM fine" Niall said while Zayn hands Niall a tissue to put inside his nose . " your not ! look at you all bruised up and a bloody nose Niall ! What do you mean you alright?! its my fault !!" i yelled . So many thoughts went through my head . " I think shes having a panic attack " said Harry . " Ill make her a tea " said Louis and walks over to set the kettle on . I guess i am having a panic attack and cant control it ! I cant believe this happened to Niall . Why didnt i look though the window like i always do when someone rings the doorbell ? Why didnt i this damn time?! Im still crying into my hands a few minuets later Louis hands me a cup of tea . I take it and im practically shaking from nerves . The boys help out Niall they give him aspirin for pain , they put a steak on his eye to calm down swelling . Harry helps out Niall to take him to bed . It was late and they boys where tired so i just walked to my room and laid on the bed the whole night crying myself to sleep and i dont even think i slept half an hour . Its about 10:30 to 11:00 and i hear a slight knock on my door . I dont even answer . I turn to the window and dont care who is coming in . " Babe?" Niall said . I turn around and i see Niall sitting on my bed with a slight black eye. " look at you hon , you didnt get any rest did you?" Niall asked lifting my chin up. " Listen its okay , that cunt can go do himself and if he ever DARES to set foot near you or try to harm you I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I will let Nothing stop me from protecting you. " Niall said looking to me and staring in my eyes . " oh Niall " i said . " you dont have to protect me-" I never got to finish " But I Want To Ellie , my job as your boyfriend is to protect you from harm !" he said . He kissed me on the lips passionately .
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