He's The One

18 year old Ellie is living with her bestfriend Jenna and Jenna's Bf. Ellie has one problem... Her boyfriend . He is very abusive towards Ellie. Ellie has a choice to leave him but is afraid. Jenna decides to show Ellie a close friend from her past and is known pretty much around the whole world ... Niall from the band One Direction and knows he would change her and make her fall in love with him which would make her leave her current bf. Will Ellie make the choice to leave him for Niall??


3. Finally you're getting out of the hospital!!

Ellies pov
I woke up in a hospital room , next to Niall but i was in a chair. When i turned to look at him i seen he was getting a good glimpse of me . " uhh sorry " Niall said embarrassed and turning slight red. " its okay " i said making him feel better. " i think the sleep helped you're eye , it looks way better " i said smiling . " well thats great hopefully they let me out today" he said crossing his fingers . I looked around and there was no sign of Jenna . I checked my phone and it was 10:38 and a missed text from Jenna saying " sorry i left i cant sleep in hospitals :P and i just thought u and Nialler could have some ALONE time ;) " Wow Jenna is so unreasonable sometimes . " so did Jenn leave or is she here ?" Asked Niall . " ummm she said she left after we fell alseep and she couldnt sleep in hospitals " i said . " alrighty , oh and Good Morning to ya" he said . I laughed " good morning Nialler " i said with a big smirk on my face . The doctor walks in " Hello you two i have great news!" He said . " What ?" Said Niall. " Well you're sign of concussion was a false alarm! So you are free to go!" " Yes! " Niall was so happy .
2hours later**
We where released Niall drove me home and before he left he said " if you need anything ill be there okay?" i tool that very well . I was just about to open the door but I heard the tv . Jenna was at work and it couldnt be her bf because he had a meeting . Oh god its probably Jona . I have to deal with it i can just get some of my cloths and go to Nialls house . He said if i needed anything i could just ask . I text Niall and ask hin if he can come pick me up. I went in " LOOK WHOS HOME THE LITTLE SLUT!" Jona yelled " You know what Jona im leaving here ive had ENOUGH with you ! i yelled and started breaking down putting my cloths and some other things in my bag . Niall said he wasnt far when i texted him so hes outside. " IVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU'RE SHIT JONA IM LEAVING HERE IM JUST DONE WITH THIS CRAP ! " And after that he had rage in his eyes so i ran . He wasnt following me which was good . I see Nialls car and i run and jump in . " Niall drive!" i said anxious because Jona could be watching . He started driving And I just broke down in tears . Niall put his hand on my back and said " Its okay now , you're safe ." . And i did feel safe and sound . I dont want to take up Nialls space , and because we just met . I calm down and wipe my tears . We arrive at Nialls house and a see another car . " you have two cars?" i ask " oh i forgot to say i live with the other 4 boys sorry " he said " oh it will be alright i had 3 brothers growing up so ill be fine ." we got out of the car and walked in the door " NIALLERR" the boys yelled " hello mates" he said with a joy . " Guys this is Ellie " Niall introduces me . " Hello " they all said and gave me a big hug wow they are nice. " come on Ellie ill show you where you're staying " said Niall and showed me a small bedroom next to his . I take a seat on the bed , Niall sits next to me and looks at me . " what?" i said giggling " nothing its just you're so beautiful " he said " thank you Niall i said smiling and blushing . " Niall , i have to thank you . For everything , for protecting me , driving me and giving me a place to stay". I said " You're welcome but you have to give me something in return" he said " what ?" i asked . " i never want you to go back .... to go back with Jona . I dont want anything to EVER happen to you." He said acting like a brother . " i wont i promise !" Niall nodded then left. I decide to change into some sweat pants . I walk into the bathroom and i can hear the boys talking . " is she you're girlfriend or what ?! asked one of the boys i really couldnt tell who it was . " No guys she isnt she's close to Jenna and shes had a rough time at her house so i brought her here , i felt bad for her " Niall said as i finished putting them on . I open the door and walk to the living room where the boys are and they stop talking quickly . " hello nice of you to join us " said Liam in his sweet voice . " pleasure to be here " i said laughing I sat next to Niall on the couch . The boys throw alot of questions at me . " Lads ... i think shes had enough questions " said Niall . We all laugh " Gosh im hungry " Said Harry . " how about we order dinner PIZZA!" said Zayn we all agree and order the pizza . The pizza arrives pretty quick and we all gobble down the slices one by one while watching some tv . " Its getting pretty late im going to sleep" i said to the boys . The boys dont mind and say goodnight . i walk to the room and jump in bed then fall asleep.
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