He's The One

18 year old Ellie is living with her bestfriend Jenna and Jenna's Bf. Ellie has one problem... Her boyfriend . He is very abusive towards Ellie. Ellie has a choice to leave him but is afraid. Jenna decides to show Ellie a close friend from her past and is known pretty much around the whole world ... Niall from the band One Direction and knows he would change her and make her fall in love with him which would make her leave her current bf. Will Ellie make the choice to leave him for Niall??



" ELLIE MAKE ME A SANDWICH NOW!" Yelled Jona my boyfriend . " what kind?" i said sighing . " Turkey and ham and HURRY the football game is going to start . " Alright " i walked away thinking to myself why ? why did i say yes to that ? I start making Jona his sandwhich as Jenna walked in with Gabe her boyfriend. " Hey " she said and Gabe threw me a smile . " hi" i said finishing Jona's sandwhich . I put the slice of bread on top and walked to the livingroom where Jona was at. I give him a look while he wasn't looking if he was i would have gotten hit in the face. I walk back to my room and sit on my bed with my hands on my face , i sat there for about 10 minuets just thinking about Jona and our relationship and how great life would feel without him. Then i hear a slight knock on my bedroom door. "Come in " i said . Jenna walked in and sits next to me . " you need to leave HIM. You need him out of you're life , He is causing to much trouble for you every DAMN time i leave this house and you're left with him i worry SOO much about you . " Jenna said . " i worry about myself too Jenna , if i do who knows what would happen , HE'S FUCKING PSYCHO ! " by this im just crying. " Listen you're a beautiful chick look at you , those green eyes , wavy brown hair , and a HUGE DAMN HEART. Any guy would kill to have you! He could gove to shits about you he think you are his personal slave! " Jenna said . She honestly loves me with all her heart and only wants the best for me . " Ellie i have an idea ." she runs to he room and makes a call and comes back 5 minuets later . " whats the huge idea?! " i asked . " I want you to meet one of my old good friends on like a blind date." " JENNA! with who? " i ask " He's just a cutie you wont regret it ! We have to shopping tomarrow !" she said " UGHH JENNA I HATE YOU.! but i guess i have to go?" i said .
** next day**
Jenna's Pov
" Im really excited for you! " " i know you are" Ellie said . " i will pay for everything , since you are not working" i said " thanks i appreciate it ." Ellie said " you need it!" We park the car and walk into Top Shop i just love the dressed here . Right away Ellie walked to this one Nude dress with black lines on it . " this one!!" she yelled with excitement . It was the last one too . She grabbed some heels from the shoe part of the store and went to try it on. When she came out , my jaw dropped . " Ellie ..... yo.... you look AMAZING TAKE IT!" i told her . " OKAY OKAY LET ME TAKE IT OFF FIRST." The heels where a nude with a golden tip . She was just amazing ! She walked out the room and we went to pay. When we where done we left back to the house. It was dark and Ellie was tired so she went to sleep .
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