He's The One

18 year old Ellie is living with her bestfriend Jenna and Jenna's Bf. Ellie has one problem... Her boyfriend . He is very abusive towards Ellie. Ellie has a choice to leave him but is afraid. Jenna decides to show Ellie a close friend from her past and is known pretty much around the whole world ... Niall from the band One Direction and knows he would change her and make her fall in love with him which would make her leave her current bf. Will Ellie make the choice to leave him for Niall??


4. A Day With Niall

I wake up in a different room. As i remembered im at Nialls house . Im hoping Jenna is okay with it . I officially wake up and go to the bathroom and see my hair all messed up , so i put it in a bun. I fix my shirt . I walk down to the kitchen to find all the boys sitting at the table , i think waiting for me ? " Morning guys" i said with a big smile . " Good Morning " said all the boys . I seen they had made breakfast eggs , waffles , toast , abd bacon. Yumm... " Come sit " Niall told me and pulled a chair out next to his . I walk over and sit , then Liam sets a plate infront of me with a fork , then a glass with Orange juice . " thanks" i said. We all where served and ate . I needed to take a shower so i excused my self and washed my plates. I walk to
y room and get some clothes then set them on the table in the bathroom with my towel . The waters is warm . I havn't taken such a nice warm shower in a long time , Jona would always make me go last so he can take up all the hot water. I take about 30 minuets or less . I get dressed and combmy hair downwards . I walk and lay on thr bed to think . Theb i hear a knock on my door . "yeah come in" i said and a little bit of blonde hair popped out , Niall. " hey , i wanted to know if you wanted to ummm... hang out with me today . The rest of the lads are busy with their girlfriends ot other friends . " said Niall walking in . " I'd LOVE to Niall. " i stood up and gave him a hug. " what was that for?" he asked . " well i just havnt been asked to go out in a long time and i just felt like thanking you" i said . " oh well you are very welcome just let me know when you are ready " he said. I did need to do my makeup . So i rushed to the bathroom put eyeliner on eyeshadow , mascara , and lipstick. I rush down to the kitchen and find Niall eating a small bag of chips . Haha oh Nialler .. I just love who he is. " Ready?" i asked " mhm " he mumbled with a mouth full of chips. He opened the door for me and locked the door . He Rushes to open the car door for me , He is such a gentlemen . He stops when he puts the key in. " wait , where are we going anyways " Niall said. " uhmm i dont know you tell me " i said laughing " How about we head to the movie theater ?" He asked " Sure " i said still laughing at him . As we drove off i thought to myself . I honestly am beginning to have big feeling for Niall he is just so kind to me , he makes me laugh and he's just plain old cute . I can just imagine us going out . I just don't want to like someone that probably doesn't like me back , Even after what Jenna said to me. He is probably being nice to me . " so Ellie whats on you're mind you seem very thinky today " asked Niall " Oh nothing Niall , I just have alot of things running on my mind nothing big" i said " Oh , well if its something small mind telling me ?" he said " well its just i wonder how Jennas doing " i lied i felt bad lying to Niall , i just didn't want to tell him what if we run into Jona together again ANYWHERE . " oh i think shes doing great she texted me today and asked how you and the boys are ." Niall said . " ah okay" i said as we arrived to the theater lot. We parked under a tree and we walked out . There was one paparazzi taking pictures " NIALL IS THIS THE GIRL YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ?" was one of the million questions the guy asked while Niall just smiled and waved but didnt answer him. We walked in the theater and no one was there I was surprised . Niall bought tickets to a Horror film and he bought a lot of food just to make fun of him i asked " are you going to finish all of this Niall?!" i gasped " i bought all of it for us not just for me " he said taking a hand full of popcorn and ate it . We walked into the room 5 and sat at the top of the vacant room. " wow no one seems to have wanted to watch any movie today " i said " yeah well i mean its thursday " Niall said . As the movie started i started eating some popcorn . About 30 minutes later i layed me head on Niall's shoulder hoping he wouldnt mind i looked at him as he was looking at me , i lifted my head and we just looked at each other and he came in for a kiss THIS MEANS HE LIKES ME ! I went in for it aswell then our lips touched . We where head on head and i just laughed . Then we just continued watching the movie.
**2 hours later**
Nialls Pov
by the time the movie was over it was pretty dark out . I decided to hold Ellies hand but she didnt mind . I was glad the sun was down because i didnt want to know about us . because i didnt want her to go though all the things that Danielle or Eleanor were though with all the hate and threats . When i went for the kiss in the theater I wasnt sure weather to do it or not , i had no clue if she liked me or not . So just to see i went for it.
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