Forgive and forget

Gabrelle is finally going to Paris with her friend Rose! When she gets there she meets Harry Styles, she and him used to date but something BIG happened and well he left her. Now he wants her back, will she take him or will she leave him like he left her? read to find out!


6. Ready.... Or Not


Gabi's POV

 Sophia had a nightmare. She said that it was that Daddy (Harry) had left her and Mommy had cried and cried till she turned into a monster and then she woke up. Harry assured her that he'd never leave her or mommy ever again and well..... She felt better. She instantly fell asleep so I asked Harry could get a tissue and when he returned I was wiping Sophia's forehead when he whispered
 “ready for round two?" And I got up from the bed and whispered “no, not now. Sophia might wake up". Then I PECKED him but he decided to turn it into a make out session. Once again I was on the bed, shirtless (I still had a bra on) and Harry pulling at my underwear. But it was too fast, I wasn't ready for love again. Or another child so I whispered
 “Harry I told you not now it’s too fast" 
 " oh okay “he said with disappointment. He kissed my stomach and went upwards to my lips. Our tongues danced together and Harry being his dirty self HAD his hand on my waist but it got lower and lower till he was pulling at my underwear. I stopped the kiss.
 “Harry we've met only like a few hours ago this is too fast" I said.
"It feels like I've been in love with you forever" he replied. I sighed at his cheesy remark.


"I'm going to sleep." I said Harry smirked.
“Don’t try anything or else” I warned. As soon as I laid my tired head on the pillow a VERY awake Harry plopped beside me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and started to kiss my neck. I tried to turn but he held me tight. His hands dragged along my side till he reached my Waist. I was in unfortunately just in my underwear.
 "Harry you wouldn't dare" I said whilst trying to pull his arm off of me. He just smiled and lower and lower he went, the reached his destination. He put his finger in me and went in and out, while I moaned.
"See you like it" he said in my ear. His voice gave me goose bumps.
 "No it's an automatic reaction for EVERY woman" I said through clenched teeth. 
 "Aww well I guess I'll stop" he said tauntingly. I had to admit that I was enjoying it but he didn't need to know.
 "Great now please" I said while another moaned escaped.
 “Nah I’ll torture you by doing it faster" and he did. He added another finger and went ten times faster till I was gasping for breath. Till finally he pulled out. He licked his fingers and said 


 “Want more? Let’s try the REAL THING"
 "Keep it in your pants, Styles" I said. I turned towards him and put my head on his chest.

So much for 'Taking our time'. 







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