Forgive and forget

Gabrelle is finally going to Paris with her friend Rose! When she gets there she meets Harry Styles, she and him used to date but something BIG happened and well he left her. Now he wants her back, will she take him or will she leave him like he left her? read to find out!


7. Never should have let you in ( dedicated to Smouf!)


I woke up in Harry's arms. His one arm was wrapped around my waist and one on my shoulder. I got up but Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me back. His eyes were closed but a smirk was on his face.

"Very funny Harry but let me go" I said poking his dimples. He opened his eyes and rolled on top of me. 

"Good morning beautiful" He said while kissing my neck. I giggled and tried to push him off but he just grabbed my wrists and started to kiss my boobs (that were still in a bra).He stopped at the edge of my bra and looked at me with lust in his eyes. He kissed me on the lips till we were full out, macking (making out). His tongue danced with mine and his hands were drifting lower and lower till he reached my underwear. I stopped.

"I'm a slut" I said. Harry looked at me oddly.

"No you're not" Harry said after an awkward silence. He rolled off of me and I got up.

"Yes I am. I had a sex at 13! I'm here in my underwear about to have sex AGAIN with you after what you did to me." I started to put on my clothes and I ran out of the room. Harry was just standing there looking shocked. I ran to get Sophia and lifted her up she was still sleeping so she didn't put up a fight. I walked to the door but Harry stopped me.

Harry’s POV

“You’re not going anywhere. Gabi, I fucking love you! Okay? You’re my everything. You kept me Up all night * I did that on purpose* thinking about you and the baby. My mom wanted to start over not me! If it was up to me, we’d be happy together.... and there’d be a ring on your finger.” I said with all my heart. She looked like she was about to break down.

“Harry I’m sorry but I have to go. You never loved me, you just want the sex. You’re a Cougar, a type of guy who wants pleasure not the feelings of REAL love.”And she just left. I lost her again. NO! I won’t leave her no matter what and with that said, I ran after her.

 Gabi’s POV

I ran towards a cab and drove to my original apartment that I was sharing with Rose. I opened the door and put Sophia to bed. I checked the clock which read 10:13. I changed in to some black sweat pants and a pink tank top. Since I was staying home, I decided to clean the house. Which was a difficult task by the time I was half way through it was lunch and Sophia was hungry. Rose came in after an hour I got home and she was cooking pasta in the kitchen. I was vacuuming the bed rooms when I heard a knock on the door. I ran to see who it was but Rose beat me to it.

“Hello There” Said an angelic voice. I looked to see the most beautiful being EVER. He looked like he walked right out of the twilight book. Well technically he did. His perfectly sculpted face. His eyes looking at me with interest. I fell in love with this boy before I even met him. Probably the sexiest man on earth was there standing in my apartment, Robert Pattinson!

(Ewwww I can’t believe I just wrote that! Now excuse me while I go and vomit...)

 “Gabi this is Robert.” Rose said with excitement, she looked like a kid on Christmas day. I looked down to see what I was wearing. I ran back to change into ripped jeans and a off- shoulder shirt. I even applied a layer of lip gloss to complete the look. All of this in 10 Minutes new record.

“Uh Hi there” I said walking back whilst trying to hold in my excitement.

“Hi” He said in his sexy accent “You see, there’s a problem with the tux I ordered, and I was wondering if you could help me get in contact with your boss.” He said.

“Sure, here this is her number” I said while writing her number on a piece of paper.

“Thanks” He said and left. Rose and I were squealing and jumping for joy, when we heard a knock at the door. I ran to open it only to see Harry. Without a word he crashed his lips on to mine. I can’t take it anymore. I kissed back. I love him, with all my heart. When he left a part of me went with him. Wait. WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? I pushed him off of me and he looked at me surprised. Then I murmured,

“I'm sorry Harry but you’re not worth another heart break. I.... I never should have let you in”



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