Forgive and forget

Gabrelle is finally going to Paris with her friend Rose! When she gets there she meets Harry Styles, she and him used to date but something BIG happened and well he left her. Now he wants her back, will she take him or will she leave him like he left her? read to find out!


3. Gabi?

Gabrielle's POV

Today is the start of our new life.I packed up my Coach suitcase and carry on.While Sophia placed her teddy into her Unicorn shaped carry on (Don't ask). Sophia and I was ready five minutes before the Rose was supposed to come so we had time to spare. Finally she came in her fancy yellow Porsche.

"Hey there girl"she said

"ROSIE!" Sophia screamed.

"Hi Princess how you've been?" She asked 

"AWESOME!" she yelled. I placed the suitcases in her trunk and went to sit in the front.

*On The Plane*

"Excuse me miss but can you move you leg?" said a handsome boy.He looked famillar his hair was long and curly like Sophia's and his eyes were too. Then I realized it was him.

"Um why?" I said a Rudely 

"Well that's my seat" he replied

"Uh no that's my daughter's seat" I lied quickly.

"Mommy look Rosie painted my nails!" Said Sophia from the seat in front of me.

"Uh would she be your daughter?" He asked. I sighed

"Yes. You can sit" I moved my foot and shifted sideways till I was as far as I could possibly go.

"I"m Harry by the way" He said cheerfully 

"I know who you are" I replied bitterly 

"And you are.....?" He Asked

"Shouldn't you know?" 

"I Don't Know Should I?"

"Gabrielle Stork" I said after a long silence. Harry's eyes widened to the size of saucers



Harry's POV

Gabi. The girl I loved and left. I was a bastard to do so but the very thought if being a dad scared me. I had so much more to live up. You know Y.O.L.O. I know, I know it was stupid to have sex in the first place, but I learned about "Protection" a little too late. That little girl could it be.... MY......daughter? Why didn't she abort or adopt? Did she still love me? Or did she have no choice? Maybe I could start over, maybe she'll take me back.. no.... never... after what I did ...... not a chance.

"Umm do I know you from somewhere?" I asked.

"Uh well..... um... no" she replied hesitantly. We didn't get to talk much because the Air hostess told us that we were leaving. I buckled my seat belt and turned to Gabi to see that she was having trouble. Being a gentlemen, I helped her. I placed my hand on top of hers and buckled the belt.

"Thank you" she said in that beautiful voice 

"Anytime love" I replied whilst flashing her my best smile. I let go of her hands and sighed quietly I missed holding those soft warm hands.I can't believe it, I fell for her again. Her long brown hair reaching her chest. Her eyes that wonderful ice blue. Instead of love I saw sadness, anger and even fear. It broke my heart to know that I was the reason, the reason she ever cried, the reason she never got to live her life, I was the reason.


Gabi's POV

The plane took off and I was bored. I read up on the latest trends and thought of the best ways to incorporate them into a new fashion line. I was reading an article of myself when I noticed Harry was staring at me.

"Yes?" I asked sheepishly 

"Uh ...Nothing... Just that ....Um...don't ... know me?" He stammered out

"Yes" I said quietly "Your Harry Styles"

"No before I was Famous" I could feel the tears building up 

"No" I lied.


Harry's POV

"No" She lied. Her beautiful eyes turning watery

"You seem familiar to someone" I said playing along to her lie.

"Oh" she said

"Yeah I loved her to bits, but something happened and I left her."

"Really?What?" She asked 

"I... I Got her pregnant." Tears streaming down my face 

"I was stupid, I loved her but I was sacred. I told my mum and she moved me to another city, I left her She's somewhere hating me, with a kid who never knew their father." I finished looking at her. She had her lips pursed, fighting backtears.

"That's a very sad story Harry did you ever find her?"She asked

"Yes" I replied 

"But she won't admit that it ever happened and ignores me"

"That's too bad" she said.

"Oh" I said. She won't break. I need her to tell me. She's my soul mate. I love her.


Gabi's POV

He told me his story but I won't come crawling back that easily, he need to feel my pain. He deserves it I was an orphan, a soon to be mother and homeless. I had nothing but the burden of his work growing inside me.I gave birth before I even learned to drive.Thankfully I met Rose another orphan who helped me out. I went to the orphanage where Rose stayed and there two years after her actual due date,on August 26 Th, Sophia Darcy Stork was born. After that, I went to high school then university and graduated with the highest marks. From then I went into the fashion business and it got better from then. Not one night I didn't think of Harry, not one time I didn't look for him on the streets. While I was busy taking care of Sophia and finishing homework, that Bastard was living in style without a care and making money. It was his fault, why does he get the pleasure out of this?







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