Forgive and forget

Gabrelle is finally going to Paris with her friend Rose! When she gets there she meets Harry Styles, she and him used to date but something BIG happened and well he left her. Now he wants her back, will she take him or will she leave him like he left her? read to find out!


9. Final Chapter

Louis's POV

There were police cars parked all around the apartment.I went up to Gabi's Floor ant was shocked to see the   her door was tapped off. I walked in the door to see my best friend, Gabi and Sophie all laying motionless on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding them. I bent down to see Sophie still breathing, I lifted her up and went home. The funeral was the next day, they buried them right beside each other. Sophie was completely unaware on who's funeral it was but soon enough she will. But for now.... Let's just forgive and forget.   






* Hi guys! Uh I've been EXTREMELY busy and since its winter break,I decided to conclude the book.If you want a story about Sophie's life, tell me in the comment section!K? Bye!*

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