Forgive and forget

Gabrelle is finally going to Paris with her friend Rose! When she gets there she meets Harry Styles, she and him used to date but something BIG happened and well he left her. Now he wants her back, will she take him or will she leave him like he left her? read to find out!


4. Falling for him

Harry's POV

I was texting Liam when I felt someone on my shoulder. I turned to see Gabi sleeping on my shoulder. She was probably unaware that she was, but I still had hope that she did it on purpose. Her laptop was open to her desk top, OUR daughter on it. She looked just like me, with her dark brown curls and her eyes were emerald green. She was wearing a pink dress with white polka dots, she was the cutest sight to bestowed upon. I was never really a nosy person but you got to understand, I was tempted. I looked through her mails and found that she was a top name designer. She was just hired to worked for one of the biggest company in the world Alexandra McQueen. I looked at her designs and was amazed, she was even more successful then me! Her designs became famous world wide, over night. I glanced at one specific mail that read HARRY. I clicked  it to see a full conversation telling someone about her child and who the father is. From her perspective of the story it was MUCH worse than I thought. 

I was in a deep trance till her daughter came up to Gabi and asked

"Is mummy sleeping?" She had that same smile that Gabi had and she was cheerful like Gabi too.... well till the pregnancy. 

"Yes sweetheart what's your name?" I asked

"Mummy told me not to talk to strangers"


"I'm not a stranger, I'm Daddy" Wait. What? why did I just say that? The little girl looked at me and jumped onto my lap.

"Daddy why don't you love me?" she asked

"I do darling" I said

"Why do you not live with me?" She said

"I can't. Mommy don't love me" I said

"Mommy loves Daddy. Mommy cries about Daddy all the time" She said. Those words racked against my head. Mommy loves Daddy. Mommy cries about Daddy all the time. She will never forgive me, she will never forget what I did to her life. She will never love me.

"Mommy don't you love Daddy?" She asked Gabi whilst shaking her.

"Yes Sophia now let me sleep" Gabi said tiredly. 

"But Mommy! Daddy's here!" Sophia said. Gabi's eye shot open she realized she was on my shoulder and fixed herself to a sitting and closed her laptop.

She got up and talked to a girl in front of our seat. The girl sat down where Gabi used to sit and Gabi sat down in the girl's spot. After a few minutes Sophie came back with dolls and she climbed onto my lap and said

"Daddy look I got Zayn!" she said holding up a doll. I realized that the doll was actually a One Direction doll of Zayn.

"Cool do you have any more?" I asked. She ran back and brought back a basket of dolls. Sure Enough there was Louis, Liam and Niall. Funny enough I wasn't there. She handed me Louis and Liam, while she got Zayn and Niall. We played concert, which the dolls were singing... well we were singing and the dolls were doing some weird hopping dance to our singing. After an hour or so of that Sophie fell asleep on top of me. Not soon after. I too drifted off into an dreamless sleep. 


Gabi's POV

I can't believe I said that! how can I be mad at him if I say I love him? I absolutely HATE him! He left me and was now asking for SECOND chance? I don't want another child, so he shouldn't even bother with me! I was drifting off till the speaker came on saying that we were landing. I buckled my seat belt and turned to help Sophie, but she wasn't there.I turned around to see her sleeping on Harry who was also asleep. I unbuckled me seat belt and woke up Harry.

"Um we're landing so uh I need my daughter." I said while trying to pry her off of Harry.

"You mean OUR daughter right?" He asked while holding her in his arms.

"No never Harry. Never will it be OUR daughter." I said and finally he let go of her. By then she awoke and started to cry.

"Mommy I want Daddy! No Mommy I want to stay with Daddy!"She screamed I sighed and let her be.

After we got off  Harry handed her to me and went to see his friends who were standing by the paparazzi and screaming fans.

"Mommy I want Daddy! No Mommy I want to stay with Daddy!" She screamed again, I let her go and she ran to him.He lifted her up and smiled at the cameras.

"Who's this Harry?" The fans asked.

"This is my daughter Sophia" He said

"OMG who's the mother?" they asked. By then I was walking to the bathrooms.

"Sophia go to Mummy" Harry told her and she ran towards me.

"Mommy come Daddy wants you" she said tugging on my hand. I causally walk over with her and Harry pulls me close and kisses me on the lips. It felt so wrong, but it felt so right at the same time I wrapped my arms around him and he did the same to my waist. We kissed for what felt like forever till someone told us to get going.

Harry`s POV

PAUL HIGGINS!!! Why did you break our kiss? It was perfect till you ruined it ! To hold her that close again to feel he lips on mine. Nothing made me happier when she kissed back NOTHING!


Gabi`s POV

I love him, he left me. I was supposed to hate him. but he kiss..... he cares in order to kiss me right?Oh dear! I`m Falling for him! 

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