Adrienne Money is another singer with a sob-story past. She tried out for the X-Factor along with One Direction but didn't have enough votes to stay in very long. Epitah Records offered her a spot as lead singer for a new band, and she accepted. Now on her bands 'European Tour' she meets up with a couple of 'old friends'. What happens when one, maybe even three of the 1D boys falls in love with Adrienne? (Read To Find Out)


5. Tragic Night Part 2 (2010)

                                                           Adrienne's POV:

Did I hear him correctly? Is this the same Zayn Malik, I met at the X-Factor?

"Heehee.. Awesome." I awkwardly smiled. Before walking away he grabbed my wrist. I turned to face him. "What?" He made my blood boil. We stood there in complete silence.

"I love you." he muttered. Soon his lips were pressed to mine. This was not happening.. I tried to push him away but he kept on.

I then bit his bottom lip as hard as I could. He pulled back covering his mouth. "Crazy bitch! What was that for?" he spat.

"Okay. You just told me you loved me now you're calling me a crazy bitch?"

"You bit me!" he shouted, "I'm bleeding!" "You shouldn't have kissed me!" I yelled back trying my best not to burst into laughter.

"I thought you wanted it!"

"Sorry Malik! Not interested." I walked to my car. This wasn't good at all. I got in and drove away.

About fifteen minutes later, I found myself in the our driveway. I lived with Jessie, who is twenty-one, and Mike. Whe moved to London a couple of months ago. Our mother abandoned us when we Mike was born, and our father was convicted of first-degree murder two years ago. You know you've had a messed up childhood when A) Your mother abandons you, or B) Your father gets sent to prison because he shot a man.

When I got inside, all was quiet. Jessie was out, and Mike was probably playing video games in his room. I walked to my room, which was on the first floor. I turned on the light then shut the door.

"Damn it!" I heard Mike cuss from across the hallway. Twelve-year-olds these days...

"Mike!?!" I screamed. "Adrienne!!" he replied. I love that boy. I'm only 17 but i basically raised him. I'm quite mature for my age.. Sometimes anyways..

I heard footsteps coming from the outside of my room. I layed down on my twin-bed. "How's Nandos?"

Mike came in my room. He sat down on the foot of my bed. "Sucky." I sighed,"Malik tried to suck my face off."

"Oh wow. I thought you liked-" Mike said. "Shut up!" I snapped.

Mike was the only person who knew about my crush. I didn't want anybody else to find out.

"Okay. Okay." he lifted his hands in defeat, "Can I sleep in here tonight?"

"My beds to small and you're twelve already. Sleep in your own room."

"Dude.. Your All I've got." his expression went from happy to straight up depressed. "Fine." I rolled over so he'd have space.

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