Adrienne Money is another singer with a sob-story past. She tried out for the X-Factor along with One Direction but didn't have enough votes to stay in very long. Epitah Records offered her a spot as lead singer for a new band, and she accepted. Now on her bands 'European Tour' she meets up with a couple of 'old friends'. What happens when one, maybe even three of the 1D boys falls in love with Adrienne? (Read To Find Out)


8. The Girl He Met Online (2012)

(Adrienne's POV:)

Two years can change a person and an entire city. Not only did my tragic life evolve into one of a superstars, the place I once called home transformed into an even greater capital city.

"Sis." Mike hissed. Ah, Mike Money my little brother, he hasn't shut up since we exited the terminal. It took me two weeks of begging and pleading to get permission for him to tour with me. He better not make me regret it.

"I'm going out tonight." He informed. Going out tonight? With who? His ex-best friend? His right hand?

"With whom, my dear brother?" I asked. The bus drove into a familiar neighborhood. The sign on the old gate read 'Santiago Hills'.

Santiago Hills. My old high school should be right around the corner. I knew my way around this part of town. Our manager said we were staying at the 'Main Port Hotel'. It happens to be right across from an my old employer 'ASDA'... I think.

It's been forever since I've been inside of an ASDA... They have something similar in America though.. What's it called? Ummm. Waren- no. Wally- no.


It's a really nice store, but I always get bombarded with questions by at least one fan. I'm a pretty well known person.. Adrienne-Marie Money isn't only the frontman of a Pop Punk, Post-Hardcore band she's also a solo singer... That's recorded a song with Nicki Minaj, and Hayley Willams from the band Paramore. Oh yeah, I'm set for life. My bubblegum pink hair makes me hard to forget.

Maybe I'll dye it a different color. Cotton Candy blue? Black? Blonde? That's all up to my fans.

"Adrienne!" Mike flicked me on my forehead.

"Ouch.." I rubbed my head and sent him a death glare.

"Are you even listening to me?"

"I need a freaking hearing aid! Repeat it again!" I shrilled.

"I'm going out with Liyha." He paused between words.

The bassist Jake spoke, "Dria, did you hear that? He's going out with that girl he met online. I told you it would all work out in the end."

"You're an idiot." I joked. Last month, Jake introduced Mike to some dating site... Jake set his profile up without my permission! A teen on a dating site? Disaster waiting to happen.

What kind of thirteen year old would be allowed to join those.

Apparently. Ms. Liyha.

"Are you sure about this?" I sighed.

"Waliyha seems like a nice girl. We really hit it off online."

"Online!" Shouted, waking up Ugh- Johnny the drummer.

"A person as 'real' as Waliyha can't be a fake." He began, "You can come with me to meet her."

"Um. Duh! I'm going with you!"

"Adri-enne! You're going to love Liyha Malik."

"Malik?" I choked on air.

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