Adrienne Money is another singer with a sob-story past. She tried out for the X-Factor along with One Direction but didn't have enough votes to stay in very long. Epitah Records offered her a spot as lead singer for a new band, and she accepted. Now on her bands 'European Tour' she meets up with a couple of 'old friends'. What happens when one, maybe even three of the 1D boys falls in love with Adrienne? (Read To Find Out)


6. American Rock Band (2011)

(Adrienne's POV:)

"Adrienne." Jessie looked at me, "You're going to meet the band today. Nervous?"

"Yeah." I said, my hands were shaking. Of course I'm nervous. What if they don't like me, what if I don't like them. Maybe it's a band full of perverted 40-year-old men.

"......." He didn't know how to reply.

"I'm off then." I gave him a pat on the shoulder. This is going to be a the most important milestone in my life. It'll be way bigger than the X-Factor.

I haven't heard from Niall, but Louis calls me ever so often. I miss them so much but we're both gonna go far and we need to make sacrifices.

I got put of my pajamas and dressed in Teal ripped skinny jeans, and a Asking Alexandria T-shirt. I left the hotel room and called a cab.

Life in California is fairly different from living in London or Geordie. It's not like I hate it.. I just miss home.

England is where I belong but you can't escape your fate, especially when you got signed to Epitah.

The cab came and picked me up about fifteen minutes later. So much for giving him a tip.. I got in and told him the address the receptionist told me.

~Epitah Records~

"Holy shit." I muttered under my breath before entering the large building. It seems so sophisticated... Why do I have to be 17? It's such a young age.

"Adrienne!" I woman greeted, she had blonde hair and had a stunning smile. One word came to mind, 'Barbie'. Why would a 'Barbie' work here? It's Epitah, not Radio Disney.

"Hello." I shyly responded.

"I'll escort you to the studio." She began to walk.

What am I suppose to do?

Unsure, I tried to catch up with the living doll.

Ugh. I hate those type of girls.

Who's better Barbie or Living Dead Dolls?
The world may never know.

Minutes later I found myself standing infront of a wooden door, the women already left.

I reached for the knob and twisted it open. With a quick pull, it revealed a three boys, huddled against a couch. I cleared my throat, and put on my best 'Barbie' smile.

"What's up?"

Wait-... I just made a fool of myself.
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