Broken Hearts Meant To Be❤

A love romance between two girls named Alexandra and Vanessa. Both go on summer vacation to London, to where which both see someone that both changes there lives. Could this really be all what they've wanted?


1. The Big News.

                                                    Alexandra's P.O.V

    It was the last day of school and I could finally get out of this hell hole. I wondered what I would be doing all summer, as I got home I saw my parents standing in the living room looking more excited than ever "ALEX, ALEX,ALEX" my mom said, thats what everyone called me since my name was long, "What?" I said looking annoyed.

     "We have the best news ever" they both said practically screaming in my face, " Just tell me already!" I said angrily. "WE'RE GOING TO LONDON FOR THE SUMMER!" they both screamed at my face with joy in there eyes, as they continued to explain, they said I could bring one friend to come with us so I decided to take my best friend Vanessa, she's always wanted to go to London since her husband lived there as what she would say. Vanessa and I had a lot in common, not looks wise but interest, she had more of a light brown hair while I had dirty blondish look and her eyes were so brown it was absolutely gorgeous and easy to fall for while I had blue.

    I went up to room and sat on my bed, grapping my phone to call Vanessa the big news, I dialed the number and a few seconds later I hear her say "Hey Alex, Whats up?", "GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT" I said screaming in the phone, "Oh my lord, what is it?!" she said. "I'M GOING TO LONDON FOR THE SUMMER, AND I GET TO BRING YOU!!!!!" I said, there was a long silence on the line, moments later she was screaming and saying how she'll get too see her husband, I rolled my eyes and laughed at her.

    I layed on my bed and thought to myself, I cant believe I get to go to London espicially with my best friend; I also thought if I could actually have a Summer Romance. Something I always wanted. I never really liked school or most of the people in it, I had enough friends for me to live but the guys there were all stuck up jerks so it wasn't worth a try. Then the thought of One Direction came to head, could we actually met them? In just one week we'll be in London and we might get lucky and see them. "NO!" I thought to myself, Alex you're not that lucky in life, just be happy you're going to London I thought.




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