Broken Hearts Meant To Be❤

A love romance between two girls named Alexandra and Vanessa. Both go on summer vacation to London, to where which both see someone that both changes there lives. Could this really be all what they've wanted?


3. Roaming around London .

( Vanessa's P.O.V )

   So can I just say this is the probably the best day ever, here at London with my best friend. Who knows what kind of adventure we will have here, I bet it will be the best. As we arrived here we called a taxi and went to our hotel, looking at the window and seeing all the places here was so interesting and I couldn't wait to start walking around here with Alex.

( Alex's P.O.V )

   We stand outside our hotel gathering our luggage and I turn around and look at the hotel, which was probably about 10 stories high. It was incredicbly beautiful and I noticed Vanessa's face making a perfect "o". Walking into the place it was remarkable, I have never seen a place this beautiful, espicially for a hotel. My parents went up to the desk to get our rooms so Vanessa and I started talking about how much we already loved it and here. After a few minutes my parents came up to us and handed us a two keys, one for Vanessa and one for me; "What's this for?!" I said confusingly, "Well you two girls are now 17, and we thought that yall were old enough to take care of yourselves so have fun!" My father said to us, "OMG, OMG, OMG, you serious?! Yall are like the best parents in the world" I heard Vanessa say to me as I stood there smiling, thinking.

   My parents said we're on our own. Perfect. I am so happy that this is all happening and at one moment. Mine and Vanessa's room was on the 7th floor and my parents were on the 5th, I wondered why it was so different considering we were together but whatever doesnt bug me at all. We went up to the 7th floor looking for our room, 713....714....715! There it is, 715, our room we unlocked the door and as we went in dropped our luggage and gazed at the room. It was absolutely perfect for me and Vanessa, two bedrooms each had a bathroom, a living room, kitchen, it was just pure out luxury. After Vanessa and I had settled in we decided to get cleaned up and go out for a walk and see the place a little more.

   For about 30 minutes we had walked around all these neat places, like these little small shops, they were oh so cute! I had gotten a call from my mother asking if were doing all alright, of course we were, I mean come on it's London. We went into starbucks to rest and get something to drink. Vanessa ordered a cappuccino, and I ordered hot chocolate, I was never a really big fan of Starbucks since there drink usually gave me headaches. I was just about to go over to the table and sit down until....


Author's Noteee;

Love's I am so sorry that I toke FOREVERRR to write the next chapter but I am busy with volleyball and homeworkk. so enjoy this chapter and I hope to post the next one soon(: Loveee youu all so much <3



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