Nerdy Science for You

So it's a 'nerd' poem. I was actually in my room looking at my Xbox and I was like "Hey! Central Processing Unit! Eureka... I gotta write a poem with that." Then I got stuck with this haha hope you like it :) ** 2nd place winner of the "Pulling at Your Gravity" competition.


1. Nerdy Science for You

Just like the silicon in my CPU,

You're most of what composes me,

You open me like a skeleton key,

And I don't know, I don't have a clue.

- My calculations just tell me this is for you.


You are like a brand new physics engine,

Well... like the old 'Atari'

I think you'd suit fine for me.

You cause me to chagrin.

- Because I feel like your bowling pin.


You're like the beauty of the Dead Sea,

(Please take that as a compliment.

I didn't intend that to torment.)

I could float on your love; I guarantee.

- It all relates to the laws of density.


We're equivalent to the equation for BMI:

Because it's me over you

Hypothetically, that's very true.

Wait Wait! Don't go 'bye-bye'

- I'm not trying to be a wise guy.




Like a covalent bond:

You and me, we'd share our fate,

Because you're my perfect soul mate.

I think we'd easily abscond.

- Even with cosmic acceleration; we'd go beyond.


We'd be like a pair of Anisoptera,

Or better known as a simple dragonfly,

We could fly, fly and even touch the sky.

You remind me of the 'Mona Lisa'.

- But we'd stick out like a supernova.


I'm just saying: I feel like I need antivenin,

'Cause your venom is like a Ophiophagus hannah,

But you can just say a common king cobra.

You set me free and give me a grin.

- Sorta like after 1989: the people in East Berlin.


I feel like I'm going through a change.

Maybe that of adaption!

Or more like forming a new constellation.

It all seems extremely strange.

- Like the phenomena of ion exchange.




I know this seems to come from nowhere:

It's like a form of spontaneous generation,

Maybe even a type of weird speciation.

And I know you probably don't care,

- But it just comes out of thin air!


I think I found out your genotypes,

Only because I did that punnett square.

I hope this doesn't ruin our love affair,

But your phenotype is quite lovely,

- Not that I have a heredity degree.


I think we actually have lots in common.

After all: you only have that extra 'one' chromosome.

I mean it's not like I'm a pesky, garden gnome.

I think it'd be cool to be your conjoined twin,

- But you think I'm nectrotizing fasciitis on your skin.


We'd be perfect for each other:

At least theoretically,

That would be our reality.

I'd always pick you and not another,

- Because my calculations tell me: there is no other.

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