Kiera Horan

One day out of no where I had to move to London and when they got thare one guy came to are front door and he was from next door ................!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. THE MOVE!!!!!!!

One day I had to move and had to leave my little sister!  I had to move to Ireland, i was so mad at my mom because she got me a job and well its in Ireland and its for 3 YEARS. Its going to be a long year!

so when i came down stairs i got in the shower and i was singing summer love by One Direction and next thing i know there was a bang on the door. its my sister and she said ''hurry up your going to take all the hot water''.

So i did as she said and got out. i went to my room and got ready for school and then i thought 'what if i met one direction?'

so i went to school and i met up with my best friend Cassie and me and her are huge one direction fans that our home screen is the one that we like! My lock screen is NIALL HORAN and it says that i like u and it makes me blush A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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