Hardcore Love

Harry once broke this girls heart and shatters it to pieces. She has returned but not for love but for friendship and forgivness. Little did she know she would fall for Niall Horan on the way . But is Harry okay wih this or does he still have feelings for her?


7. Uncomfortable (HARRYS POV)

 When Bella tells me she is at Niall's I don't know what happens I mean I love Jenna but I still got jealous.  I asked Louis if Bella went home with Niall last and he laughed then said yes. Oh god why did he laugh. I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door. When I get there I use a spare key Niall gave me and come in then I run up stairs to his room. When I opens the door there in bed together. Bella opens her eyes "Oh my god Harry, you scared me to death.what are you doing here" I don't know what happens or  why I was even mad "No Bella what are you doing here" she looked at me Confused. "Well,Harry I'm sleeping with Niall what does it look like" she said to my face  smirking. "like you mean" she interrupted me "Yes, Harry no go downstairs I will meet you down there. I have to put clothes on". Oh god she did she had sex with Niall. But why she was never close to Niall they never talked what could have happened?                                      
                                                                    I went down stairs and waited when finally she came down in one of Niall's shirts. Her legs were so fit and sexy ..wait no Jenna was sexy Bella was attractive by not my type. "Why, did you come here Harry" she said sitting across the table from me "I, I was afraid you and Niall were doing something" I said before I realized what I was saying "We did Harry, but it's not if your business who I sleep with or go out with." wait no she didn't just say that "Wait you and Niall are going out?" she looked at the ground and blushed shit, she really liked Niall "We might, I like him he likes me. That fits the criteria for dating right" I looked at her and tough of something clever to say but there was nothing I had to just say the truth "I'm not comfortable with my EX girlfriend going out with Niall" her face was emotionless "Harry its been two years, I'm not going to cry my heart out over you forever. Get over yourself your not irreplaceable." I felt my heart break when she said it , not because I was sad because she was right. I heard Niall come down the stairs he had only his boxers on "Hey Beaut- why is Harry here" he said looking at me. Neither of them were happy to see me how welcoming. "I just had to talk to Bella" I said looking back at Bella even in the morning she was beautiful. Niall looked back at me "What about"?            
Before I could speak Bella did "He came to ask us if we wanted to go to lunch with him and Jenna since I wanted to spend time with you but that way I can spend time with him to". Niall looked at me and smiled "Yeah that's great" Damn it I didn't wanna watch Niall and Bella be a romantic with each other . She walk up to Niall and kissed his chest then up to his mouth . How disgusting , she never did that to me when we were dating .  I got up and walked out if the house without saying another word . Then Niall came rushing out after me "Hey Harry , since Bella is your ex I feel like I need your approval to go out with her" I looked a him and I was so pissed I said the honest truth "No, you can't go out with Bella is makes me uncomfortable" I than got in my car and drove away.
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