Hardcore Love

Harry once broke this girls heart and shatters it to pieces. She has returned but not for love but for friendship and forgivness. Little did she know she would fall for Niall Horan on the way . But is Harry okay wih this or does he still have feelings for her?


19. Promise

 After I put Jason to bed I walk in to where Niall is. "Hey , why did you leave two years ago" I look at him and sigh it has been long enough they needed to know the truth "I got pregnant" it looked like he choked on air and look at me "With who" I sighed , the only person that wanted me" and in unison we said "Harry" he looked down to the floor "I'm going to tell him Bella" I nodded "I knew you would" "You guys should be a family you know" he says and sits down not looking at me "I don't love him Niall, I love you still." he looks at me and walks toward me "I love you to, but I can't go out with Harry's baby momma" I sighed and step closer to him "Your a grown Man Niall, fight for me if you want me that bad" he looked at me and said "Come home with me to The UK, see the boys and let Jason meet his dad. I sighed "Okay if you promise, you will still love me even if Harry says not to. he sighed "I promise Bella" 
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