Hardcore Love

Harry once broke this girls heart and shatters it to pieces. She has returned but not for love but for friendship and forgivness. Little did she know she would fall for Niall Horan on the way . But is Harry okay wih this or does he still have feelings for her?


26. Life's Complete (BELLA'S POV)

I sit there and watch my son give his speech, I loved him. Yeah I've made mistakes my life and it all started with forgiving Harry. I'm glad he was in my life it had lead to today along with Niall. This is how my life is supposed to be and I love it I kiss Nialls cheek and turn to Harry "Thank You Harry for everything you've ever done in my life good or bad" he smiled and didn't say a word. Now my life was complete I'm married, have a family, and I thanked the person started this adventure Harry Styles and I will end it as Bella Horan.

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