Hardcore Love

Harry once broke this girls heart and shatters it to pieces. She has returned but not for love but for friendship and forgivness. Little did she know she would fall for Niall Horan on the way . But is Harry okay wih this or does he still have feelings for her?


11. "I can't hear you guys"

 I felt like I've been asleep forever I can see Harry and the nurses running around me but I can't hear anything. I remember driving home and now I'm here. I instantly figured I was in a car crash. How long have I been asleep? I look down and feel my boy numb and blood is coming from my right leg. I looked as if there was a big scar along my whole leg and I guessed when I woke up I moved and it re opened. I still couldn't hear what they were saying "Excuse me , I can't hear you" the nurse runs up and looks in my eyes with a flashlight then returns with a headset. She then hooked it up to a machine. I couldn't hear anything still. The nurse liked at Harry then said something as he began to cry harder. Oh god what's wrong with me?                   
 He wrote something on a piece of paper "Hey , Bella how are you feeling" I looked at how sad his face was and since I couldn't hear well I put two and two together "did I loose my hearing Harry" I say and then see him nod. He then walked out, he thought it was his fault but it was jut as much mine for being so stupid as to drive being in the condition I was in. Where was Niall why wasn't he here instead of Harry. And shouldn't Harry be spending time with his girlfriend? He comes into the room and writes down "I'm leaving, everyone else is on there way". I just let him leave and about 20 minutes later everyone enters the room and starts talking to me. I cry because I can't hear them. I look and no ones mouth is moving so they must be silent "I... I can't hear you guys" .
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