Hardcore Love

Harry once broke this girls heart and shatters it to pieces. She has returned but not for love but for friendship and forgivness. Little did she know she would fall for Niall Horan on the way . But is Harry okay wih this or does he still have feelings for her?


23. Family at last

 As I walked in the House I saw Niall playing with Jason the cutest sight ever. Jason saw me and said "Come see daddy" he then played with Niall "Where's your father, Harry!" Jason laughed "Uncle Harry isn't my dad He is " then he pointed to Niall. I asked Jason to borrow 'Daddy' and then talked to Niall. "Whats he talking about" Niall smiled. "Harry wants Jason to have a family , and wants us to be happy so he told Jason I was his dad" I looked at Niall and smiled slightly and instantly felt bad for Harry. I hugged Niall then ran upstairs "Harry?" I hear him in his room "Come in" I walk in and see him crying "Harry, you didn't have to do that, it's not fair" he looked at me then nodded "I'm his father I have to do what's best for our family and that's to let you to be happy" . I sighed "Your a great father" he smiled and we hugged for a minute and then he said "Your gonna be a great Mrs. Horan" 
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