Hardcore Love

Harry once broke this girls heart and shatters it to pieces. She has returned but not for love but for friendship and forgivness. Little did she know she would fall for Niall Horan on the way . But is Harry okay wih this or does he still have feelings for her?


1. I'm Bella Kriss

Hey I'm Bella Kriss I used to be a preppy and bubbly girl in high school. I was captain of the Cheerleading squad, Homecoming queen, and my boyfriend was Harry styles. 
  We were best friends before we went out and one day we confessed our likes or each other.  When he tried out for X-Factor I was with him the whole way. When he won third place yes I was still there. When I had to go back to school and he left for his career we drifted apart slowly. I went to visit him over spring break in California and he broke up with me. After that he went out with some 30 year old it disgusted me but I let it fly. But I did change I'm no longer a bubbly blonde. I died my hair Black and don't  care what other people say. I'm not a BAD person I don't smoke, do drugs, and I'm not an alcoholic. But I live hardcore. I'm committed to living my life in the moment I don't think about my future and the only past I think about is Harry. I'm glad he broke up with me because it made me who I am today. I'm going to go thank him, when his band comes here for a concert. I already got my backstage pass and I'm ready, I'm ready to forgive him. I remember how we broke up better than i remember any if my past. He invited me to California and he took me out to a fancy dinner. When we got home, we did it and it was my first time ever. The next morning he broke up with me and It hurt that he used me like that and I never forgave him until a few weeks ago. Someone told me they loved my personality and I was unique and i knew Harry made me this way so I forgave him and now I have to thank him. 
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