What is Love?

Marisa and her cousin, Anna, just graduated and are off to London for a month. When they meet some older guys and fall pretty hard for them, will their trip be better or worse? Will age come between them? This fan fic is also set in the future a bit.It is 4 years in the future. This is my first fan fic. Sorry if its bad! sorry about the grammar and the spelling! Thanks for reading it! Please comment what you think!


15. What's going on?


Maybe I was overreacting, or maybe I wasn’t but this text worried me.

It read:

From: Harry Styles

 Marisa we need to talk.

I didn’t know what to reply and harry could see that I read it. I jus replied with a simple ok then put my phone away. Anna had already gone to bed. Niall got out of the shower at about 11:30pm. He was standing in front of my bed. His hair was wet he was wearing only boxers, one; because I stole his shirt and two; he never wore a shirt to sleep. He wasn’t moving, just standing there in front of the bed smiling. “ Niall what are you doing its 12:00?” I laughed. “ Actually it’s only 11:59.”  I giggled. I knew where he was going with this but I wanted to act like I didn’t see it. He just smiled down at me for 1 minuet. About 10 seconds into it I put the cover over my head so he couldn’t look at me. I knew it was 12:00 when I felt all Niall’s weight jump on top of me. I screamed playfully and he whispered “ Happy birthday love” into my ear.  His warm breath made me shiver. I smiled and he kissed me softly.  He wrapped his huge muscular arms around me and we fell asleep just like that. it was perfect. I woke up around 8:00 to hear Niall running around gathering his stuff. I leaned up on my elbows and watched him. Why was he in such a rush? “ Niall, what wrong?” I asked sleepily.  “ Um…. Uh… I have to be at the studio with the boys.”  He didn’t sound sure that he had to be in the studio but I brushed it off.  I got up and started walking to the kitchen. He ran past me and to the door of the flat. He opened it then ran out. okay now what the hell. I was getting a little pissed. Then I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and Niall was standing there casually. “hello” he said in the sexiest voice ever. I smiled and he kissed me. “ goodbye” he said now back to his cute little irish accent. I waved and laughed as he ran down the hallway. Anna and I ate cereal and went around London today. I got quite a few calls and texts telling me happy birthday. It was nice. I got on twitter. I got on a lot more often now days. #happybirthdaymarisa was trending worldwide! I had forgotten how amazing directioners were. I replied to many tweets saying thanks.  I was just exploring around online. I saw an article it said something about where Niall was on his new girlfriends birthday. There was a picture of Niall with Eleanor and Danielle. I was really tired of finding these things out online. 


-authors note-

Hey guys! Thank you all so much for reading this! it really means a lot! I'm sorry it took forever to update! I'm not really sure where to go with this story. if anyone has any ideas or any feedback please please please comment! Thank you all soooooooo much! I LOVE YOU!!! 

XOXO Marisa 

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